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  1. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    MGA just does peds. Health south seems like a better environment, but this is coming from one classmate who just got hired.
  2. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    I worked with MGA. Honestly, I don't really recommend home health for new grads.... I really don't feel we have the skill set and know enough to be "independent". However, with MGA, I would say they are worth a shot. I was given a very low acuity patient. The pay isn't great and there are no benefits (luckily I didn't need them), but it gave me RN experience and allowed me to work while looking for a hospital job. Almost all of the classmates I graduated with worked with this company until a hospital job came a long or they found employment with psych nursing places, snf, rehab, etc. But the thing I did like about the company is that they understood that we didn't see home health as our forever job, or even as a long term option. They were very supportive of me when I told them I had a job at the hospital. I say if you are upfront with them (as many of us were, I.e. Telling them that we were actively pursuing jobs in hospital and that we expected our time with them to be very temporary) they were fine. So you know, make the best judgement for yourself. I had a low acuity patient and while home health wasn't for me, I don't regret my time working for the company at all.
  3. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    Honestly I'm not familiar with the hospitals up on Denver. Centura had hospitals up in Denver (Littleton Adventist, saint Anthony's, etc). I had twins about 2 months after graduating and so that limited my job search to only Colorado Springs. I'm quite certain the hospitals up in Denver do have new grad programs. Just gotta be searching for them :) I am from Hawaii :) born and raised out on the leeward side (Pearl city, Waipahu). You?
  4. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    Military bases here are hiring as well. Evans (fort Carson's hosptal) just called up one of my classmates for an interview. At Peterson AFB loyal source government or sowmthing like that has contracts. So does Luke and associates. At usaf-academy I worked with digital-ets in the pharmacy during school and I know they hire for RNs but from what I heard they didn't have any new contracted positions in the springs (I talked to the woman who recruited me after I graduated). I say right now, best bet is the centura health system (they have hospitals, snf, home health, etc) as far as in the springs go. Other home health agencies to look at are MGA, interim, or maxim. MGA I know hires new grads. Sorry to high jack this thread. Lemme know if there are any questions for the springs area :)
  5. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    I worked in home health at first. I just got a job in a hospital here (penrose-st. Francis). As far as the two hospital systems it seems that only centura (penrose-st. Francis) is willing to hire new grads. I haven't heard of anyone getting a job at memorial as a new grad since 2012. If you are looking to get a job in Colorado Springs hospital, then it's tough. But centura is hiring (they hired me and I only had 2 months of home health experience) it's just competitive. However, I was told that at saint francis they will be opening up a new ortho/neuro unit and will be hiring aggressively for it this summer. So if you will be here this summer thTs a place to look. Also don't be afraid to look outside the hospital systems. HealthSouth rehab in town hires new grads and I have a classmate who works for them. Fantastic pay (for the springs) and even though it's rehab, a lot of the patients are very acute. Be positive. I kept getting broken hearted by all the "not selected" statuses I saw on my applications but I persevered and networked as much as I could. Good luck guys!! And welcome to Colorado Springs!!
  6. New808BornRN

    Colorado Springs -- New Grad opportunities

    Hi!! Congrats on your move!! Memorial is very tough to get into right now, I believe they still have a hiring freeze. I've been applying at saint francis-penrose. All of my classmates that I graduated with (accelerated-August 2013) have only found hospital positions there. There is a pediatric home health company in town that hires new grads. Almost all of us have been employed by them (including myself). It's nursing experience!! All of my classmates are working. One got a NICU position at the children's hospital affiliated with memorial, a few at st. Francis-penrose, a few with psych nurse facilities, one at a snf, one at a rehab hospital (very acute!! And the pay is fabulous!!) So there are jobs in Colorado Springs, just might not be the hospital job at first. It could happen. One point I want to stress about the children's hospital at memorial. They do not want ANY RN experience. So if you really want to get into children's new grad residency program (it's competitive, but fantastic!!) then my suggestion is to work at Starbucks while waiting to hear if you've gotten a position there. Good luck!!
  7. Congrats on being able to decide between two amazing programs!! I graduated from Beth El's accelerated program in August 2013. I can't give you insight as far as capstone (we didn't have it). But I have no clue how I could have done it with how time intensive our program was. As far as getting a job after post graduation my situation is different. I gave birth to my twins late October 2013, two weeks after passing my NCLEX and so did not even think about job hunting till January 2014. There is a pediatric home health company in town that hires new grads and that's where a lot of my classmates have gone. I started working for the company in February and kept applying for other positions, mostly at the hospital I wanted on the floor I wanted. I was persistent and I have to admit, it was hard to get rejection after rejection. (I only had one interview). However, I was just offered a position at the hospital I wanted, on the floor I wanted (the one place I had interviewed for about a month ago). I'm still reeling from the shock because it happened so serendipitously, and honestly, the field is my passion, and I really wanted to work for THAT particular hospital and on THAT particular floor. In short, if you want to work in Colorado Springs go with Beth El. I asked around as far as nursing programs in town before I started this journey and a lot of RNs I talked to told me that Beth El has a great reputation in town. All of my classmates are working. But the job market is tough. Some are still doing the pediatric home health, some work at the hospitals, some moved out of state for new grad programs (NICU, L&D, and OR), some are working psych nursing in town, and one is doing rehab at health south rehab which pays fantastic and really really loves!! I hope that was helpful and I didn't ramble off topic. Haha.
  8. New808BornRN

    Relocating to Colorado from Texas

    Colorado Springs is a tough market. If you are okay with commuting look into medical centers in pueblo. The two major hospital systems in Colorado Springs are memorial (university of Colorado health) and penrose-st. Francis. There's also a children's hospital affiliated with memorial (NICU, picu, peds). Unfortunately children's is very competitive to get into. Memorial is on a hiring freeze and word on the street is that they fired a bunch of nurses. So the only real option is penrose-st. Francis as far as hospitals. Unfortunately, with memorial letting go of some of their nursing staff we have experienced nurses applying for jobs along with new grads. Doesn't mean it's impossible for new grads to get jobs, just really tough. Good luck! Both hospital systems are great. I've only been a patient at penrose- st. Francis and was amazed at the level of care. All of my clinical hours were done at memorial and I was impressed by the level of teamwork and really came to love the hospital as well.
  9. New808BornRN

    New grad in Colorado Springs

    I'm a new grad that graduate from Beth El in Colorado Springs. I've found the job market to be tough, but I think that's true everywhere. Don't be afraid to look in places other than hospitals. Also, if you're willing to commute to Denver, you may also look into the medical centers down in Pueblo (south of C-Springs, and driving in the winter to Pueblo is usually easier -unless this mythical "Albuquerque low" comes thru). We are currently stationed at Peterson AFB so welcome!!! We've been here over 4 years and while the job market is hard for new grads, the area is very lovely! Just continue to apply and tailor your resume and cover letter to the units you're applying to. I have found that Memorial is hard to get into, so many rumors flying about hiring freezes and what not. I've had one interview with Centura, but did not get the position. I had twins 2 weeks after passing my NCLEX and so with my infants, I'm very restricted as far as commuting out of town (especially with El Hubs deployment schedule). You may have an easier time with your willingness to commute. Congrats on getting Peterson AFB. It's a great assignment. Our time at Peterson AFB seems to be coming to a close and we have been told to expect orders within the year. It's bittersweet because I am ready for an easier job search, but Colorado Springs has been so good to us! But I suppose that's what happens. Onward to new adventures!
  10. New808BornRN

    Job Prospects in Wichita Falls TX for newly graduated BSN RN

    I have no issues at all doing med surg. I just need my foot in the door and relevant acute care experience. I'm starting to really worry. I graduated from an accelerated BSN program in August 2013, had my twins in late October 2013, and so I didn't even think of jobs until about January of this year. I'm working pediatric home health, but honestly, I'm having a hard time with it. I find it very isolating and I'm not convinced that home health is the right place for a new grad. Colorado Springs is a tough market. As far as hospitals, there are two in town, one that is on a hiring freeze (and has been since I graduated) and there is an over saturation of new nurses and experienced nurses. Thank you for the info. I'm trying to see if I can get into a snf here in the springs and I really need some kind of experience that's closer to acute care (delegation, etc).
  11. New808BornRN

    Post partum interview

    I had my interview and I didn't get the job. But I'm okay with it. I really prepared for it, but eventually nerves took over and I became timid. However I'm using it as a learning experience and I've already sent out my thank you cards to the interviewers. Thank you for the tip! It was behavioral questions and even the interviewer stated that these would be very difficult for a new grad to answer.
  12. New808BornRN

    Chomping at the bit

    As a nurse they do want you to know the vital things about drug classes. Mostly what side effects to look out for. If patient is presenting with this should we hold this drug? That kind of stuff. Pharmacology wasn't too bad for me, I was a pharmacy technician for years, so I was pretty familiar with it and pharm math was easy. The only issue with pharm and patho is that they take up a lot of your time.... And time is scarce during that first summer session. My advice, embrace the suck. Get thru that first summer session. After that the program becomes manageable. Also, get to know you're professors. They all want to see you succeed and are really great at advocating for you. I still keep in touch with my old professors :) Good luck and enjoy the ride! It's frantic and you will be certain at times that you are on the edge of a nervous breakdown, but when it's all said and done you will be proud of what you accomplished. Then it's onto NCLEX hell. LOL.
  13. New808BornRN

    Chomping at the bit

    Congratulations! I graduated from uccs's accelerated BSN program in August of 2013! It was quite the experience. For me, I would say definitely look up all you can on pharmacology and pathophysiology. That first summer semester is very intense and those two classes were the most intense I've heard. I was lucky enough to be able to take patho and pharm and pharm math the spring semester before the program actually started, but I had lots of classmates telling me the woes of those classes during the summer. Congratulations! It's a wonderful program and sometimes I do look back on it fondly (except the first care plan! Haha)
  14. New808BornRN

    The Future of Nursing Question

    I often wonder how sensible educated folks got the idea that democrats and the government wanted to euthanize grandma. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't put it past Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin to have awoken from a dream where a burning bush told them and so they took this to be truth and prophecy, but I have encountered many folks who are conservative, but fiercely smart and believe this drivel. Of course when you ask where in the bill they read this, they usually said they got it from a commentator, or a blog...... Hmmmm.
  15. New808BornRN

    How do you land a hospital job as a new grad RN

    Can you do home health? I get wanting acute care, I really do, but right now as new grads, we aren't really that marketable. I'm currently working home health full time. It can be isolating and I do miss having co workers, but I'm finding that I have enough time to really learn certain interventions. Also, the home health company gives us new grads lower acuity patients and as we progress in our skills we get higher acuity. I'm currently still applying for acute care, but being picky (maternity and NICU only) but I have the means to do so, and have an interview for a maternity job! Keep trying, but remember to humble yourself, we are new grads after all and the money that hospitals have to spend to train us is quite eye opening.
  16. New808BornRN

    Post partum interview

    Thank you been there! I will definitely keep those points in mind! Will let you know how it goes!