Job outlook in CA (San Jose)


Ive been thinking recently from relocating from NC to CA, namly the San Jose area, I was wondering what the job outlook for RNs is like out that way and if anyone had any idea on what kind of pay rate i may expect.

I have 6years exp as a ED RN and plan to stay in that field, also i have been a weekender for the last 4 years and was wondering if any of the hospitals in that area had that type of program and if anyone knows how it pays.

Thanks for any help.

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Job outlook is really really bad even for experienced RN's. I would definitely have a job lined up prior to moving. I can't really tell you much more, I just know nurses up there who haven't been able to find work and had to move back. Currently California has way too many nurses and not many positions. Many hospitals have switched to internal hiring only, or are in hiring freezes. My friend at San Francisco General has an impending pink-slip.

You never know though, I would call around and ask.


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The job prospects in San Jose leave something to be desired. You can look on the major employment websites like or careerbuilder to get an idea. The better option is to look on the Employment Development Department website, It gives the truest picture. You can also do an internet search for the names of the local hospitals and go on their individual websites. My personal experience was that I relocated away from this area three years ago to get work. I've noticed no change for the better since then.

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I would stay in NC if I were you. Many experienced nurses from out of state have moved to San Jose during the last three years, and most have had to return to their home states after being unable to find work for an extended period of time.