Job Offer. Should I take it????????????

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Was offered a job with a starting salary of $30.00/hr in Arlington. There is a 5 grand sign on bonus along with 3 grand for moving expenses. Should I be worried about the working conditions at the hospital (Medical Center of Arlington)? Thanks for any advice!

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Well I did not take the job. had my reason's, one being the RN turn over. They even sweetened the pot and was going to offer me $31/hr with 5 grand for moving expenses. Also the floor was not cardiac as they stated. It was a mixture of cardiac, vascular, and cardiac surgery. The patient ratios were 5:1, which on an intervention floor can be a bit heavy (my floor is 4:1). Overall I did not have a good feeling about the place as I felt they were too generous with there offer. My rational was "why are they flying me out from Boston to fill a nursing position when Texas has so many nurses looking for work?" I am still trying to move to Texas, Austin in particular, so the search continues. If anyone is interested in the Medical Center of Arlington job I can give you the name and number of the HR person who handles nurse recruiting.

Sounds like a good job! Not sure how long the contract would be for! But sounds awesome!

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