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Job for new Grad


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I graduated in May 2008 (ADN) and still haven't found a job (I live in NYC). At this point I am willing to relocate anywhere in the US.

Where are they hiring new grads? I am open to pretty much anything.

Thks for any tips/advice.


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I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There are TONS of hospitals in this area that already have graduate nurse positions posted. Most of those internships won't start till end of May or beginning of June. Texas Health Resources, has many hospitals in the area under their name; Baylor & Methodist health systems also have a lot of hospitals in the area. Good luck!

GrumpyRN63, ADN, RN

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Wow, I find it shocking that you can't find a job in the city, but then again, a friend of mine lived in Boston many yrs ago and had a real hard time finding work. Maybe there are just a lot of educated, able working nurses in proportion to what the needs are?? I don't know, I live in CT, seems we need nurses pretty much everywhere. Try searching careerbuilders.com or careerjet.com, many large facilities don't advertise when actually they have many positions. Good luck

There is a lot of work in Houston.

I hear you. I graduated the same time you did and live in westchester county. Got my license in beginning of Sept. Still no job. I've applied to almost all the major hospitals in my area, and not just once.

I graduated in May '08 too and found people throwing jobs at me.......I live 2 hours east of Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Texas nurses are a hot commodity in any specialty area you choose. Good Luck!:D

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