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I graduated from nursing school in May 2007. I received my license in December (I was delayed due to a suddenly diagnosed major medical issue that is taken care of now). I have recently started looking for a nursing position. I started interviewing in September before my medical condition was diagnosed and it seemed as if it was going to be very easy to find a position at that time, pending passing my boards. Now, however, it seems like all of the positions I'm coming across want prior experience - that was not the case in September.

It seems to me that the job market for new grads has tightened up. Are other new grads experiencing this? Does anyone have suggestions for how to find a job in this hiring environment?

Thank you!

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It seems to me that the job market for new grads has tightened up. Are other new grads experiencing this?
Job markets vary from city to city, and from state to state. One area might be experiencing a softening job market, whereas another region may be going through a job boom. It's purely regional. I'm not sure what the case might be in your area of MN.

Good luck to you!

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Since might be what they "prefer" but it's not necessarily required. I would put in the application at these places and go for it anyway. Many times they lower their preferences and defer to the applicants they receive.


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Some hospitals like to hire all of their new grads in waves (like in May and December right after they graduate). It saves hospitals money to do big new grad general orientations rather than a bunch of small ones. I am sure that next month or March aplications will go up for new grads to start woking in May. That may be too long for you to wait. If it is too long to wait, then go for the ones who ask for experience. Some places will still hire you. Some will even hire you now. They might even let you go to the new grad classes (if they offer those) the next time they come around.


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Apply online to various hospitals, and then follow up with Human Resources. Ask to speak to the nurse recruiter and explain your situation and Im sure that will get the ball rolling. Often they overlook your online application but if u call them they will pull it and then forward it to the appropriate nurse managers to get the ball rolling. They are usually even so nice that they even tell u to call back if you dont hear anything within x amount of time and they will follow up for you.


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I agree, I think it varies from state to state, and even within different areas. I live in a large city, and there are about 20 hospitals within a 50 mile radius of the city. Each one hires differently. Some hire a group of new grads at one time 2-3 times per year. Some are able to take a new grad or two on a continuing basis.

My recommendation would be to go to a hospital where you had clinicals and maybe talk to a nurse manager on a floor where you worked, and see how they hire. I recommend also going to each hospital you are interested in and meeting with the nurse recruiter and making a contact.

I graduated in July 07 and started the search process in September. I felt like I would fill out these online applications and no one would ever see my resume, they would just see whether or not I fit the minimum requirements and toss my application aside.

Nursing is just like any job, regardless of the so-callled shortage. How do you get that experience when you feel like you can't get your foot in the door to get that first job?!

Don't get discouraged. Put the footwork in. Go in and meet people. Call back 2 weeks after submitting your application. And if you are financially able, hold out for the job you want! Don't do what I did and take the first job offer that you get because it is the ONLY job offer you get!

Good luck!

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