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I was hired yesterday for a hospital job in the oncology unit working days! I graduate in May of this year, so it's a huge relief to know that I'm lined up for a job. I'm getting my ADN and then, bridging immediately for my BSN, which is why they even considered me. Apparently, the ADN just isn't enough around here anymore.

Anyway, the reason for the post is to let everyone know that working as an aide was huge!!!!! My hospital hires internally and fills all possible positions before they ever look at the first outside resume. Now to just pass that pesky NCLEX! ;)


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Congratulations! It is definitely a great feeling when everything falls into place like that. Just curious, What state are you in?

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I also have a job waiting for me when I graduate and am licensed (they won't even let me work with my IP, sadly). The unit where I've been precepting has offered me a position. Woo hoo! NETWORKING was key for this, as were putting myself out there and introducing myself to the nurse manager. Because she knew who I was, she lined up this preceptorship on her new unit (one of my dream units), and has since made her offer.

It's great to hear others are also getting offers! I know the job market is TOUGH out there for us new grads. Hopefully things will start to pick up for everyone.

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I'm in the Kansas City area, on the Kansas side.


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That's awesome Rubato! Congrats!!!

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