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Hello! :D

I'm just curious to know if someone is already in the medical field and applied for nursing school, do you think that it will better the chances of being accepted to any nursing programs?? (LPN, or RN etc)...I know that every school is different and might go by a point system.

Thanks for any advice!!! :yeah:

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Each school acceptance policies are different. Many give points for having a CNA, MA, LPN, other schools are GPA based. Some schools require that you are a CNA before applying, again each school is different and you should look at the school requirments that you are interested in applying. However having medical experience certinatly dosnt hurt to have and will give you an idea of what the nurses job is


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At my school you would not recieve points for the work experience. You would recieve points for classes, grades recieved and degrees that you have obtained. Each school is slightly different, I would just ask at the school(s) that you are considering for a copy of the points form for the program(s) that you are interested in. Some require an interview, some don't. The work experience will serve you well in just being exposed to the field. Good luck.

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Nursing school admissions humbled me. Nobody cared about my college degree or my medical experience. They said both were common among candidates seeking admission.

On the other hand, medical experience couldn't hurt.

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