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Job: Clinic vs Hospital vs Case management

by Pocadots Pocadots (New) New Nurse

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Currently working in a hospital doing 12 hour shifts. I don't love the 12's, the job is okay. I don't love it or hate it. Just interviewed for a women's health clinic that is 8 hour shifts. I've worked in a clinic before and enjoyed it. The 8 hour shifts were great! I was able to eat healthy and work out everyday because I had the time and energy. I was offered the clinic job but my only hesitation is covid. They have had some covid patients and it sounds like the staff wear a surgical mask, gown, and face shield when seeing these patients. Is that enough? The hospital I work at currently is considered a "clean" hospital but patients can refuse a covid test. I'm not even sure how you can be labeled as a clean hospital if patient's can refuse a covid test but so far we haven't had any covid patients or patients with covid symptoms on our floor. I also have an interview coming up for a case management position at another hospital. The position is part-time so I'd have to find another part-time job as well but it's still something I would consider if offered the position. It's 8 hour shifts as well. I'd REALLY like to do 8 hour shifts because it just makes work-life balance easier and I just overall feel better and am able to live a healthier lifestyle. The 12's just kick my butt and leave me feeling exhausted all the time. However, I don't really want to work directly with covid patients either.

Just curious what other people would do in this situation or if anyone has any advice.

FolksBtrippin, BSN, RN

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I'm not sure where you are, but you're probably going to have to get over your reluctance to work with COVID patients, because if they're not everywhere yet, they will be, even in your "clean hospital".  

After you do that, pick the job that most lines up with your personal and professional goals. You know you want 8 hour shifts. What other goals do you have?


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It sounds as if your commom sense has told you that despite being a "clean" hospital, you have probably been exposed to COVID patients. Sowhat's the difference if you go to the clinic? I recently switched to an outpatient clinic that does minor procedures. I am quite comfortable. I'm sure I encounter COVID every day through the patients. It just comes with the territory and I protect myself as much as I can.

scuba nurse, BSN, MSN, RN

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I would consider the pay, the benefits and the weekends on or off, plus which shift you would be working. Personally, the women's health clinic sounds good to me if it is day shift and no weekends, and full time, but I have kids. As far as covid is considered, I agree with the others, you are going to be exposed no matter what, even at the store, so just take your precautions.  You cant avoid it.

Katie82, RN

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With the science we have learned about COVID, you probably know that you are as likely to be exposed to COVID outside your work setting as in it. At least at work, you are protected. COVID testing may be ineffective in a clinic setting, the results take too long and the rapid tests produce a lot of false results. Safer to assume everyone you meet in the clinic is positive and protect yourself accordingly. As to CM, I am a case manager and I love it. Hospital Case Management is a little different that they type I do, but it is a very interesting job. I would do it just to get your foot in the door. Perhaps you can do another part-time, or PRN until a full-time position opens up. And in the meantime, you will be building a new "resume item".