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Job abandonment


If you go to work and tell your boss you can't stay, then they say " ok, clock out, you're suspended until you talk to me". After 3 attempts, you finally speak with them and tell you that you're terminated because of job abandonment and you're lucky they didn't report you to the board. Was that considered job abandonment?

It may not have been job abandonment from your point of view, but the employer tricked you into it. You would have a difficult time fighting this with the unemployment department or in court because the employer always lies about everything. Learn from this situation so it is not so easy to get maneuvered like this in the future. Never leave work or be a no call, no show if you can help it. Employers can be, and often are, ruthless.

Dorali, BSN, LPN, RN

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Wow! I didn't realize it was that harsh. I've gone in with a bad toothache with no intention of staying, just helping get everyone up for breakfast. Would that be the sane thing?

I'd take a really close look at your employee manual and all material they gave you when hired. If they don't spell out they consider that job abandoment then I would contact the labor board.