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Ivy Tech RN Hopefuls Spring 2021


I know it's a little on the early side, but thought it would be nice to start a thread for those of us preparing to apply for the ASN program starting Spring 2021! I'm wrapping up my last co-requisite in the Fall at the Lawrence campus and then will be applying at both the Anderson and Lawrence campus. I'm not sure which to select as first choice as of yet; I'm still doing some research on clinical sites, etc. I'm preparing for the TEAS next week! I'll be glad to get it over with... I've found the Smart Prep package from ATI really helpful ($$, but seems worth it).

Feel free to share any questions or comments, as well as to which campus(es) you are interested in applying to. Happy studying, and good luck to all!

So it looks like it's still just me on this thread LOL! I guess I was a little (too) early. I wanted to make mention that this thread is also for LPNs!! Obviously this is my first post on allnurses and didn't even realize I put RN Hopefuls... It doesn't seem that I'm able to edit or delete posts, so there is no way for me to edit the title/delete and start a new one. So if you're applying for Spring 2021 nursing program at any of the Ivy Tech campuses, this thread is for you 🙂

PS I did well on the TEAS on my first try, so I do recommend the Smart Prep program by ATI. The practice questions were very similar to the exam. There are typically coupon codes that bring the cost closer to $150. I also had luck with the TEAS Mastery app; I just didn't find the science part as helpful.

I applied to both of those campuses. Good luck! :)

Yay - good luck to you as well! I ended up putting Lawrence first and Anderson second. Is that your order, too? Hopefully we'll see each other there 😀

Thank you! I actually put Anderson as my first choice because I live in Yorktown so it's closer, but yes hopefully so! 🙂

That makes sense! Also I wanted to add that if you're on facebook, there's a really helpful group called "Indiana Community College Nursing Program." It's nice because everyone is super helpful with answering questions and when people are accepted, typically they create their own groups based on campus/discipline; it's a great way to start connecting with classmates! Also people can opt to put their TEAS score and total score in a Google doc (found under files) and it helps to frame the competitiveness of each campus. There isn't a file yet for Spring 2021, but there are a few threads! I believe there are docs for each semester since 2017.

Hey! I’m also applying for Spring 2021. I am sooo nervous about my score right now. Hoping I get into Lawrence first choice but I also applied to Columbus and Bloomington in that order. Good luck everyone

Yay - I hope to see you on campus! The whole process is really nerve-wracking. At least we are only a little more than a month until first rounds! Are you applying ASN, ASN with PN consideration, or PN only? I think it's a great idea to apply to several campuses to increase chances. I mentioned the FB group in the other message on here, but the Spring 2021 file has been created and people are starting to add their scores. Right now it's between 127-148 for Lawrence, but that's less than 10 people and I believe there are 80 spots for Lawrence this Spring unless they've updated it. Best of luck to you!

I hope to see you around as well! I’m applying for the ASN program, what about you? If we both get in, we should meet up and start a study group if you’re OK with that (if we’re in the same program). I did request to join the group after reading your thread. Just waiting on getting accepted. I just want to know if I get it or not! The wait is killing me. I’m hoping I get in first round. I have a total of 134.1, I’m hoping that’s high enough.

Hi! I am applying to FW for Spring 2021. I have a total of 127.88 points. Hopefully that will get me in. I heard Spring is easier because there are fewer people applying.

Hi!! Yes, I have heard that about the Spring applicants as well. It's hard to believe that we are now less than a month away from first rounds. It felt like it was forever in the future and now not-so-much! Of course now that I say that, the next few weeks are sure to drag 😂

I am sooooo nervous! I didn’t retake the TEAS, so applying with A’s in my pre-reqs and 70% on my TEAS. Fingers crossed I’ll get in somewhere 😬

Goodluck! I hope we both are accepted.

I don’t have facebook, but for those who are in the facebook group- what are the average scores looking like for entrance for Spring 2021? Any for Fort Wayne?

The scores are kind of sparse at the moment (it seems like people tend to post their scores once the application window closes). For ASN the ranges at the moment, and there really are few, are between mid 120s to upper 140s. There are no scores listed currently for FW at all!

The scores listed from Spring 2020 for FW:

1: 89%, 133.6/160 (ASN/PN)

2: 74.7%, 119.7/160 (ASN/PN) accepted 1st round ASN

3: 80%, 139.09/160 (ASN)

Hope this helps! ☺️

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