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Ivy Tech ASN program---> class schedule?


what is a typical schedule for the ASN program. I have NO Idea.


You check out the class schedule on the Ivy Tech website. The theory times are accurate and the clinical times vary based on site (not accurate on the website). This should give you an idea.

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Unfortunately there's not a listing for classes at the Bloomington campus :(

Anyone have a link? I'm scouring the ivy tech website but am not going to the correct place...not seeing it.

Trying to figure out if it is M-F all day, 3 days a week until 3p ...etc

Go into Banner or Campus Connect. Preferably Banner. You should be able to look at the schedule there. I can't get the link posted. I can tell you, it's not M-F all day. Times varied. This semester there were also late afternoon/early evening classes. Or evening clinicals until 11pm. You don't really have too much of a choice since you're at the mercy of the clinical sites and classroom space.

I just finished my 1st semester at Ivy tech Valpo.

The first 5 weeks:

Fundamentals lecture Monday and Thursday 9 to 12:15

Pharmacology Mondays 1:00 to 3:45.

Fundamentals lab Tuesday 8 to 11:45 and Wednesday 8 to 12:15.

The second 11 weeks:

Med-surg lecture Monday 9 to 11:45 and Pharmacology 1 to 3:45.

Med-surg lab Tuesday 8 to 1:00.

Med-surg clinical Thursday 6:30 to 3:00.

Funny how hard it is to find out what schedules are like! I had asked around before I started too, and could not get many answers.

best of luck to you!!


I applied for the fall 09 ASN program at valpo. Do you by chance no what the score spread was to get in lowest to highest? I have a 4.0 in prerequisites but as I have been out of school for 15 years my teas score was only a 75.3. Any input would greatly aid in my stress management. Thanks

I am not sure of what the lowest score was, but a friend of mine got in the program with a 180. It depends on how many apply, and what they score. I would tetake the TEAS, and keep in touch with the nursing dept.

best of luck!

I am not sure of what the lowest score was, but a friend of mine got in the program with a 180. It depends on how many apply, and what they score. I would tetake the TEAS, and keep in touch with the nursing dept.

best of luck!

Your friend got in to the RN program with a 180? I know that doesn't mean anything about my chances, but I thought it was pointless to hope I would get in with a 191, but I did anyway. Thanks for sharing!

I have a 198 and applied for fall 09. Did you apply at valpo as well. When were you accepted? Thanks so much. Im stressing!!!

Interesting...so all of the courses listed under Semester 1 are split up into two smaller sessions?!

Congratulations Masonsmommy, I read you got your acceptance letter... I just received mine from the valpo campus. I cant remember which school you applied to... I spoke to the nursing director today and the schedule posted appears to be how they break up the classes/clinicals. I was told to take pharmacology over the summer so as to eliminate having a couple hard classes simultaneously in the fall, thus reducing the work load...so I signed up today...Might be worth looking in to...hope I am not getting to personal, but is your first name by chance Holly?? Congrats again!!!

Congrats to you too!!! Nope sorry, my name is Amy. I'm at the Indy campus. Hmm, I had no idea you could even take the classes before the program start date. Did your letter say you would register for classes on the 25th? I wonder if it's possible at our campus. I'm not sure I'd be able to anyway because I'm taking Chem and already bought my books! Thank for the info though.

This is so exciting!!

At the Indy campus, you can not register for any classes prior to the start date. Your program chair will always register you for every semester, so you can't do it anyway.

Im not sure why it is different for every campus. My nursing director signed me up for the pharm course today when I asked if she could/would, yet I learned this information prior (taking pharm prior to scheduled start date) from other students currently in the program. This information was not made available by the nursing dept. I found out by chance. Not sure if I made the right decision as the course is half the time, but hoping it will lighten the load in the fall as I heard a couple of the courses are extremely hard as well as domestic reasons. We will all know very soon!! Let our stress begin....AGAIN!

pharmacology was HORRIBLY HARD at Valpo, I could not keep up or memorize half of what I needed in 16 weeks, so I cannot fathom 8! I had the understanding that they added the summer pharm for those that failed it last semester.

good luck!

and the first five weeks have fundamentals, the next eleven are med-surg.

I am greatly worried about pharm's level of difficulty. I have heard from others as well the class was torture. I wasnt sure what the best route was. I was hoping even though the course time was cut in half that it would be beneficial if it was my sole focus, instead of taking the longer route with other courses simutaneously. Time will tell...Ill have to keep you posted...I may be in hysterics by the first week...an overly active two year old that still does not sleep through the night nor naps for more than 45 minutes definately complicates things!!! Its back to the heroin look for me..yea!

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