I've decided I still want to be a nurse...

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... did I mention that recently I wasn't so sure?

Thats one of the main reasons I have not been around here recently, I felt a bit of a fraud.

I started to doubt my ability to be a nurse after a failed job interview (my first interview) where I felt like I knew nothing, and I was begining to panic that I would never get a job or kill someone.

I even started at looking at non nursing jobs who would accept a BSc as a qualification! I needed a quick swift kick or a reality check!

I got that today at work.... Normaly when I work bank shifts as an AN I don't tell the staff I am doing my training unless they know me or I want to do my work on my break, but the CSW on this ward knew me and told all the staff when I was due to finish, so I was fighting against the other ANs who had problems with becomming RNs.. and it started to sink in that I did know somethings. (and to be honest it was a bit of an ego boost when I could answer some questions!)

I still don't think I know enough, but the little things I do know made a difference to me today. I can't even type what I am trying to say, I haven't rushed out and saved anyones life, but I felt I had made a difference in the patients I was helping to look after.

So nursing is still what I want to do, I guess if I manage to get a job then I should buy a diary rather than using this site as a reflective journal.

I wonder if there will be any freebies at congress on Tuesday?


Mike RGN

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I glad you have made that desision (Can't spell this)

You seems to be made of the right kind of stuff.

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Great news Whisper :)

I am sure you will do well...nursing is a tough job and nurses are made of strong stuff...so you go get them girl!


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I feel for you. There have been more than a few times I questionned my ability to be a nurse. Take comfort in knowing that most nurses do at some point.:)

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Sounds good. Sometimes you have to just look at the little things that you've been missing in order to appreciate the present. Best wishes.

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good news Whisper, job interviews are hard and there may be times when you don't get the one you want but just keep trying and eventually you will get where you want to be.

Anna :balloons:

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