IV Jinxes


Starting IV's is almost 100% psychological with me. I am not. and have never been the, "I'm on the IV team" greatest......but I am competent.

There are just times, patients, situations where I know, think, feel, before I even try, that I am going to blow it.

I can hit them all day long, then I get a patient who says "I hate IV's" in that really shaky scared tone of voice. I know it would be weird for a patient to say, "Oh I love IV's," just some you can tell are really phobic about them.

No matter how great their veins are I blow it!

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I don't have a lot of experience with IVs but when I do them or attempt to I get really shaky when 10 other people are watching me. One time I was in the ED getting signed off on my sticks, it was my first time and blood got every where. So many people were watching, so I freaked and forgot to pull the tourniquet after getting the flash.

Thank goodness my preceptor was there and gently took over.

It is psychological. Iv's are a hit and miss. Try not to dwell on it too much.


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If I don't have a towel to put under the arm, I can't get it. Crazy...lol.

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My jinx is only bringing one cannula in, even if they have freakin' pipes, I bring two in. If I just bring one there's no way I'm getting it.


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If I don't get it on the first try, I will NEVER get it.


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Yes to performance anxiety. I don't mind telling visitors "I get performance anxiety, please wait outside."