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Hi Amanda! Congratulations on receiving you acceptance letter to the program! I am so happy we all can chat on here before orientation and classes start! What block of classes did you sign up for yesterday?


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Has anyone purchased your textbooks yet? I just viewed the required textbooks and there were a lot of books that were required for multiple classes, and even after deleting the repeat books the total is still $950. Do any of you have advice on where we can purchase books cheaper than at the school bookstore?


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I am finishing the first semester of the ABSN program and I am sure there will be books I want to sell...

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I'm getting ready to graduate next month from this program, and I remember the book situation from first semester. Since you have some time, I recommend searching by ISBN # for each of them online. I think I ended up getting them for about $600 last year. Still a lot, but at least a little better. They came from all different sellers ... I just purchased each one from the cheapest vendor I could find.

If anyone is interested, I also have two sets of scrubs with the patch already sewn on that I'll be done with in two weeks. Landau top, size small and Cherokee bottoms (the ones with the slit in the bottom of the pant leg), also size small. $15 a piece for each set.

I have the clicker we were required to get for 6th semester peds/OB class -- $20.

Finally, I have a Littmann Classic II stethoscope in ocean blue that I would sell for $50. I'm going to be an OR nurse, so I don't really have a use for it. I still have the original box it came in. It does have an "A" marked in Sharpie on it though, so I would be able to keep track of it while at clinical.

If anyone is interested, I can be reached at [email protected].


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Have you sold your books yet?? I start in January.


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Hey all, I was just doing a quick search on the forums to see if anyone else was in the accelerated program and was so excited to see all these posts! Looking forward to meeting everyone next week at orientation! have a wonderful New Year!


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Hi all! I'm thinking of applying to the Fall 2012 program, the 2nd degree option. The website does not seem to emphasize needing a certain GPA in your previous degree. Do they only look at the pre req GPA? I did that online spreadsheet where you input all the pre reqs taken and kind of know the ballpark of what that GPA is. Do you guys know the stats on your classmates? Like GPA's etc. Does this program give you "extra points" for volunteer hours, etc?

Thanks so much!! And congrats for being accepted!

Devo19, BSN

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Hey Carshell!

I am applying for the Fall 2012 program and when I met with my advisor she did state that the average GPA that was admitted the previous semester was about a 3.7! I'm taking 3 classes this semester so if I get all A's, My GPA will be 3.82.

Since they don't do a interview process, they rely on your GPA and your Essay.


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Is the GPA that is calculated only using prereqs, not cum GPA? Thanks for your response and good luck!


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Hi carshell! They do calculate using only prereqs. If you set up a meeting with an advisor they will give you a sheet with all your prereqs you ahve done and your grades. I met with Gregory Wible. He does a great job of explaining what all you have to take and what your GPA needs to be :)


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Thanks!!! I'm out of state so just trying to get info online first. Perhaps I can call him directly. Thanks again!


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Hello! I am going to do the ABSN at IUPUI. Met with advisor yesterday (helen) and got my program planning sheet.

Need to do my core science pre-reqs. I'm interested to know where people are doing the pre-reqs. Ivy? Online? Thru IUPUI. I'd like to do anatomy for the first summer session at IUPUI. But, in the mean time, I'd be interested in an online psyc. class. Anyone have any suggestions?

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