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It's the last one...


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please say a little prayer for me. going to take lifespan 3 this morning. it's my last nursing exam! i guess i'm as ready as i'll ever be, but i just can't concentrate for thinking about all the other little stuff i'll have to get done to get the rest over and done with. talk about putting the cart before the horse! arg!!! anyway, i'm sure it will be fine, but i could use all the help you guys can give!!! thanks! julie


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Good Luck, just concentrate on today - one step at a time. You can do this - prayers being sent you way!!!!! :hrnsmlys:

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Good luck! I'm just starting and already jealous you are on your last test =) kidding!!! Take care and let us know how you do!!!

BTW...what order did you do all yoru tests in?


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you've got this jules!!!! :yeah::yeah:


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big. sigh. of. relief...i can't hardly believe it!!!! as soon as i finished, walked out, got my "c" meaning oh-my-gosh-i-really-did-it!!!!!! and then i couldn't get to my car fast enough to call excelsior to see how long it would take to update and get on with the next step! so, tonight's project: background check. photo (leftover from lpn school =-) and writing a letter to my employer so they can cut me a check by friday to get my application process started. oh yeah, and gotta get crackin' on a&p or micro. not sure which one yet. hmmm...maybe i'll go take a bubble bath and enjoy the moment!!! thanks everyone for the well wishes, they worked!!!!!



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yay! congrats jules!!!!!!!! :yeah:

call them up monday for your fcca. i got mine yesterday and working on it now. i also have one more class to complete, growth & development but i will do it after i pass the cpne. glad to know someone else is going through the same stuff i'm going through at the same time. i am so stressed that i break out. i never had this much pimples! :bugeyes:

anyway, maybe we can help each other out since were are going through this at the same time by becoming cpne buddy through e-mail/phone?



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i love study buddies!!! i am certain that that is the only way i am going to conquer this beast! i'm going to apply for the midwest/cancellation in hopes of a date by late july/early august, so i know i'm gonna have to get a move on. we can do this--we've come this far, what's a measley ole' cpne gonna bring to try and stand in our way!!!! :lol2:


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Congratulations! Wishing you the best on the CPNE!

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congratulations.:yeah: and you will conquer the cpne.

Juleslpn, how long has it taken you to get to this point? Thursday I take Repro and it's a lot of info that was covered. How did you make it through?


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i just dug my heels in and went! i finished my nursing exams in 8 months or so and now am working on micro and a&p. just received my fcca yesterday and applied last week for the cpne. it wasn't easy, i had a book or notes in my hand constantly from the moment i started. but, if i can do it, believe me, it's doable--i work a full time job, a part time job and have 3 full time kids and 2 part time kids. you just gotta have faith in yourself and work hard. i used studygroup 101's notes to pack around and used every practice test i could find. good luck--you can do this!