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I have been accepted into nursing school and start this fall. I've run into a little trouble with getting one of my entrance requirements done, though. I can't for the life of me find someone who will give me a second MMR vaccine or titer!

My childhood vaccination records are long gone, so I thought it would be easier to just get the vaccines done over again. I went to my local health department and received the first MMR vaccine no problem. When I went back to get my second one, I was told that their protocol said that they could only give an adult a second MMR vaccine if they were presenting symptoms.

Ok.. no big deal. They wouldn't give me the varicella vaccine either and I had a titer done for that showing my immunity, which was simple enough. I figured I could just go back to the same place I had that titer done for my MMR. Well, I went.. but when I got there, apparently the phlebotomist told the MA that they wouldn't do a titer because if they were ever audited, they would get in trouble...?

I don't understand why I'm having such a hard time getting this one little requirement done! My university has a clinic that supposedly does MMR vaccines, but they only accept students who are enrolled in the current semester. So now I don't know where I'm supposed to go.. do I just call around to random offices and try to find one that's not worried about getting audited or what??

If it's against protocol for nurses to give a second MMR, why is it even listed as one of my options? And why would a lab get in trouble if audited for doing a MMR titer for a nursing student?

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From what I understand, you could probably go about this in two ways. You can try to get the MMR & varicella vaccines again, get the records, and show them to your school as proof of vaccination. Another possible method is to get the MMR & varicella titers through a hospital, clinic, or student health center. Titers will indicate whether you're immune (through previous vaccination) to MMR & varicella.

If you were a community college student, try checking their student health center. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to pay the registration fees, in order to have access to the health center. I was a CC student but didn't register for any class this summer. I was denied access to the student health center, until I registered for a PE class (which I later dropped) and paid the registration fees.

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Do you not have a primary care provider? And are you sure you need a 2nd MMR? I have no medical records either and have had to have mine "re-done" several times and I don't remember getting 2 shots, just one -- but my memory is sketchy on that.

Get the Public Health Department's policy in writing and share that with your school. They might be able to help you out -- at least with their own Student Health Service if necessary.


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I had no immunization records either. I am 48 and had to get vacinated for per NS

requirement. When I had my first child they told me I had no immunity to measles per

my blood work. Even though I remember getting it in high school.

I had titers done before the start of NS that showed I had immunity to chicken pox and mumps,

but not measles. ( I had chicken pox and mumps as a child.) My primary care doctor gave me two MMR

shots. They are to be adminstered 4 weeks apart. They doctor had to check on this.

I would check out the CDC website. I believe you will find your answer there.

Also I just got hired a nurse tech at my local hospital and they are checking my titers again even with proof

of immunization. They were adminstered appoximately 8 months ago and my titers were done about 9 months ago.

This is a liitle off topic but my oldest child had chicken pox, mumps, and measles back to back in kindergarden

even thoug he recieved his immunization. He also had roseola as an infant.


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How long had it been since your 1st MMR shot? You have to wait at least 4 weeks.

I went to a clinic inside Kroger (like the one's in Walgreens/CVS) and the NP did my 2nd MMR (I had record of my 1st one years ago), no questions asked. I just told her I needed it for nursing school.

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Maybe you could try a health department in a different, but nearby county for the MMR titer or 2nd shot?

It seems odd that your university health services wouldn't do the 2nd shot/titer for you just because you're not enrolled.. Maybe they mean that the health fee that you pay as a part of tuition would not cover the titer, because you're not enrolled? I can't see them denying you a titer when you're willing to pay for it. Possibly clarify this with them?

Do you have a Concentra urgent care near you? They would probably do it.

If all else fails, you could contact the SON and ask them how they expect you to get this done, ie. where have other students gone in the past.


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Hint for everyone: if you get the titers done, make a bunch of copies and keep them in a file. You will need to prove to every agency and every program you encounter for the rest of your life that you are immune.

I am old enough that I actually had these diseases, before they had vaccines. I still had to prove I am immune, which I did by getting titers done. I was borderline for mumps, so when we had an outbreak near here a while ago, employee health suggested I get immunized at age 57!