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These are some great references for isolation precautions. However, I am still a little confused. I would appreciate any help. When it comes to airborne precautions..are glove, gown, goggles also needed on top of everything else? (N-95 mask, neg pressure, air exchanges, uv...etc) Or are they only needed if the pt has circumstances that fall under standard precautions? For example, is it alright to walk in their room w/ just the N-95 mask and all other airborne precautions and care for the client with no gloves/gown? I hope this makes sense!

Infection Control Manual

Infection Control Manual, Airborne Precautions

Infection Control Manual, Droplet Precautions

Infection Control Manual, Contact Precautions

That really helps!!!

I'm a little confused about that too. I read that the precautions are in addition to standard precautions, so you would at least have gloves in addition to particle mask for airborne. Then you would have gown, goggles, face shield as necessary if there is a potential for body fluid splash. I'm curious if you would automatically wear a gown for airborne or droplet precautions. I know you always wear gown and gloves for contact precaution.

My understanding is that these are in addition to standard precautions.

Exactly...I guess my concern is if I get a question on my boards like a select all that apply when entering a room of a pt with say...tb. Would you select gloves and gown?

I think with chickenpox you would select gloves bc they also have contact precautions.

I don't know why I find this so confusing!

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