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The previous hospital I worked at had a wall chart with IV compatibilities on it. I have been unsuccessful in my search for one to hang here at my current facility. Does anyone know where I can get one? TIA!!

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Ask the next drug rep you see. Ours has the name of a drug comp on the bottom. I will look tonight and let you know.

Or ask the pharmacist, as I think they are freebie things

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don't know about a wall chart, but i can tell you about iv compatibility information that is online.

trissel's 2 is like the definitive authority on this. their website is . you can use it for 30 days free from this website. the trissel's 2 system is included in micromedix which some facilities allow their staff to have access to.

and, from "pharmacy times". . .wolters kluwer health (st. louis, mo) recently introduced trissel's ivchek api v3.1 (trissel's iv-chek) that combines data from trissel's 2, a comprehensive database of drug stability and compatibility information, with medi-span's integrated software. the product enables clinicians to access parenteral drug compatibility information from within their professional work-flow computer systems. based on trissel's 2 data, trissel's iv-chek provides both published and unpublished drug stability and compatibility data. it also provides individualized, compatibility charts for use at the patient bedside. the addition of trissel's 2 data to the medi-span line of integrated solutions will make it easier for health care professionals to get the quick answers to compatibility questions. trissel's 2 data will also be available as an add-on reference module for facts & comparisons 4.0, which is designed to address compatibility questions on a lookup basis. for more information, visit

there is also an online drug interaction checker that you can use in a pinch at although this was set up for consumers i have input iv meds into it before and gotten a good response from the checker.

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i agree w/ other post"er". ask a drug rep. i know a flooor iwas on in school had one from a rep, but the one we have is hand made by a few of other nurses adn we have hand added on. if not, see if you can make it a floor group project. could be a team thing too! everyone do a few! or make it a contest of sorts if no-one is willing to help!




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This may have been answered already definitively, but these charts are made by Hospira Worldwide Inc. They were last updated in 2004 and no longer produced. The most current data can be accessed through many of the on-line resources or through ASHP.

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