Is two months enough to prepare for the NCLEX?


Hello everyone,

I graduated nursing school in December and I am planning to take the Nclex on June 6. I will begin studying this week sunday which will give me 9 weeks til my exam. My plan is to read the Kaplan book for how to answer questions, do saunders, nclex 3,000, and med surg made easy CD,s. I will dedicate 6 hrs per day. I have to pass the first try. I waited 3 months to start studying because I wanted to take a break from all that hard work and I was depressed for a short time. I hope that this does not work against me. Is 2 months enough time or is it necessary to take more time to study?

suzanne4, RN

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Depends on how devoted that you can be. Saying that you will study six hours per day can be quite difficult, unless you can do it where there are no distractions.

Second, you should have been preparing all along for the NCLEX, not just before it..............

I would start with Saunders first, read the material then do the questions. I have seen much better luck with that book over the others.


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2 months x 6 hours = 366 hours.

If you can take practice tests at a rate of 1 question/min... you'd finish 22K questions. A little overkill... lol

2 months after taking a break sounds like a good plan... but I'd find it VERY difficult to devote 6 hours every day... at the very least... rest on Sunday. =)

I agree with Suzanne... start with Sanders... then just take as many questions as you can... always learning from your wrong answers...

Here's my testimonial... Today my class had ATI testing (standardized online assessment) for the last week of OB. Yesterday I reviewed the Saunders text once, and took the 303 OB-related questions on the Saunders CD. It took only about 2 hours/15 minutes for the testing (2.25 questions/min), but I made sure I understood every wrong question.

The result: I scored 99% in the nation.

The meaning: Saunders 3rd Edition Comp Review is good. Taking as many testing questions as possible and understanding your errors are are good... might I suggest, better. Heh.

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