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I was looking into a few ABSN programs, some allow you to apply for the PHN certificate after you graduate. Does anyone know if there are programs specifically for the PHN certificate (not included with the ABSN program)?

My backup plan is to get the PHN certificate after I graduate if I only get accepted into the ABSN programs that don't offer the PHN certificate. I know there are specific classes/clinical hours that you need.

I currently live in California but am willing to move out-of-state for school and come back after I am done.

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brissygal has 22 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haematology/Stem Cell Transplant, Med/Sur.

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Dear Ariahorizon,

I may not be the best person to provide my comments to you. As I am reflecting on what I did to obtain Public Health degree but I did my studies in Australia. I had already obtained my Bachelor degree in Nursing (equivalent to BSN) and then went on and did a MPH (Master degree in Public Health) post graduate studies - over 2 years. I did these post graduate studies about 10 years after obtaining my BSN

However, back to your question - I can see that you mentioned ABSN program (this appears to be accelerate program to obtain BSN) - looks great! I may stand to be corrected, it does appear you have to also obtain a BSN first and then follow the route of getting PHN certificate.

I would - Google - PHN certificate and see what you find. I did and if you check this website out www.study.com (may be helpful). It might be worth contacting American Public Health Association to seek further assistance. 

I feel I may not have been much help to you after all. I think your question was great and perhaps another nurse working in this field in the USA may help you.

Best of luck to you - I am sure by asking question it will pave out the direction to go. 

Regards Brissygal.

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If I recall correctly, as long as I took a public health/community health class in my BSN program, I was able to apply for the PHN certification. I don't remember any special program requirements but perhaps things have changed

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