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Is SNA office worth it?

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We are finishing our fourth week of our first year of our ADN program. The way our schools chapter of The Student Nurse Association works, the first year students elect a Vice President who will become president the second year. This is kind of how we elect people for all roles within SNA. I wasn't planning on running for anything because of how hectic I know school is going to be! However after the current president spoke to us about the elections and SNA, they caught me in the parking lot and told me they really thought I should run.

Now that they've planted that seed in my mind, I do have some interest. Is it worth the extra work and time though? Does having an office within the SNA really make my resume look better? Or is it just like high school when they said National Honor Society and Student Government look great on a resume but nobody really pays any attention to it?

Following. I think if nothing else, participating in the activities will get you more experience and opportunities to network.

Totally. For networking, leadership. And fun. Need to set yourself apart from all those other resumes.

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Keep in mind, this is just my opinion....

I have been told that it is great for a resume and I have heard many reasons why. After sitting through a couple of interviews for the position I hold now I am a true believer. I reached for a position that new graduates don't usually get. There was a waiting list for the position I now hold and I was put in from of many well qualified nurses with experience. What stood out was my drive and determination, my desire to apply myself, and my willingness to get involved.

I didn't hold an SNA office, but I was part of two honor societies and a member of my schools student government. Not to mention I volunteered for as many community health events that I could (I also got clinical credit!!:inlove:).

If you can manage the time, I would sign up.