Is 11-7 shift 1st or 3rd shift?

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Is 11-7 shift the first or third shift in a 24 hour period? Where can I go to get info on this issue? Do facilities differ on what a 24hour period is - midnight to midnight as opposed to 7am to 7am? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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:confused: Every hospital I know of considers 3rd shift to be 11PM to 7AM.

Shifts are broken down like this

7am - 3 pm 1st

3pm - 11 pm 2nd

11 pm - 7 am 3rd

1st shift 12 hours 7am - 7pm

2nd shift 12 hrs 7 pm - 7 am



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On 3rd watch on tv, they call 3-11 third shift.

To me 3rd shift has always been 11-7a

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Some places (ex. Federal Prisions) consider 3rd watch as 3-11, because the FIRST watch actually begins at midnight, which is 12a-1a is the FIRST hour of the day. Second watch 7a-3p and so on. If that makes any sense lol

Third shift in any job i've worked is 11p-7a.

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3rd shift where I work is 11pm to 7am


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At my LTC our shifts for STNA's are 11-7(unless you work 12's) ,5-1, 6-2, 2-10, 3-11, the nurses work either 7p-7a, or 7a-7p.'

Anyway midnights or 3rd shift is 7p-7a or 11-7.


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At my husband's prison, it would be the 3rd shift because it begins BEFORE midnight. If it began AT 12am, it would be 1st shift.


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Ours was 11-7 first

7-3 was second

3-11 was least for printing the nurses notes and overtime or holiday reality we only had 7-7 and 7-7.


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11-7 is 3rd shift. Although most hospitals have gone to 12 hour shifts.(which I prefer)

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Whether it is 7p to 7a or 11p to 7 a if you don't have to deal with the suits:smiley_ab then it is 3rd shift ;) and life is good.

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