Is Rivier College a good school?

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I am accepted into the evening nursing program at Rivier in Nashua NH for the Fall. I will have my BSN in 2014. I am very excited, but tonight in my Micro class (I am taking it at Nashua Community College) someone told me that it is a bad school. She said it had a bad pass rate for the NCLEX. Now I am so nervous...Does anyone know about Rivier?

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I work with several nurses who graduated from Rivier and have not heard anything bad about it.

HEre is a link to the NH BON nursing programs pass rate

I can see that the nclex pass rate is lower than other schools. However, Rivier also had more people taking the test. I also applied here. On this board, I've read a few positive posts about the nursing program. I'd also like to hear from people who went through the program...what are your thoughts? Would you recommend it?

The thing about the pass rate...the percentages are percentages. Whether it be 10 or 107, only 77% passed. If I am going to be paying that much money to go to a school, I would want the pass rate to be a little higher. MCC has consistently kept a pass rate of 100% over the past several years. The NCLEX community college students have to take are the same that expensive universities take. The pass rate speaks volumes.

I do know several people who attended Rivier and were happy with the education they received...but are still unhappy about the thousands they owe even 8 years later. If money was no issue or you could get a scholarship, then do what you think is best.

For me, going the least expensive route with the school that had the best pass rate was all I cared about. I'd hate to be thinking that all the money I am making now is going to pay off my student loan debt...that would just suck!

I think you should worry less about the pass rates and more about where u feel comfortable and get a good clinical experience. I did go to school there. THey were taking steps to increase their nclex pass rate by having students take the hesi. The bad thing was that if you didn't pass the HESI (which predicts how u will do on your NCLEX) then you didn't pass your final RN class and you wouldn't graduate. They did give you a few tries. I passed it, but there were other people who did not. And as with any test, it does depend on the individual person. Some people were used to eating and drinking when studying and couldn't sit for four or more hours. Some couldn't handle taking the test on a computer. A review course was offered at Rivier. I opted to take the review at St. A's instead (less money) and I passed the NCLEX on the first try in less than one hour.

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I would question that pass rate chart ... there are no values for several years (including 2008 when I graduated) and there are 2 graduates listed for 2009 ... when in reality there are hundreds each year! It's a huge nursing program. A very good one. I graduated with my RN in 2008 and am graduating this month with my BSN. All in the evening programs. I feel I was well prepared for my nursing career. I would highly recommend it. Moreso than any other school around (based on discussions with other nurses), Rivier instructors really care about the students and want to see you succeed. Rivier did have a lower NCLEX pass rate, but since 2008 have instituted processes (required mock NCLEX such as Hesi and ATI) to ensure that students WILL be able to pass the test when they graduate. I would not hesitate to attend Rivier.

Edited to add: like the previous poster, I passed the NCLEX first try, 75 questions and to the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of my classmates did as well.

Hey guys,

Was anyone on here a transfer? I was just wondering whether or not high school transcripts were required for a transfer student's admission from another college. I'm graduating soon with an associates and I have about 36 college credits with a gpa of 3.87. Anything helps, thanks!

Can anyone tell me their thoughts on Rivier University ASN program? I know this thread is almost 10 years old. It's a bit of a commute from Boston but its definitely more affordable compared to some of the programs here.

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Hi Jonghyunbb! This was my original post. I’m happy to share that I graduated from Riv back in 2013 and the program was amazing. I loved my instructors, especially Patricia Hagan. I passed my boards the first try. I do regret not continuing straight for my BSN (I went for my ASN). I am almost done with my BSN, I have 2 more semesters (doing it online through UMASS Boston). I have only good things to say about Riv. Best of luck.

Thank you for getting back to me, It means a lot! And CONGRATS on all your accomplishments! I just graduated from Umass Boston with an Exercise Health science degree since I couldn’t get into a Nursing program at the time.Can you tell me a bit more about the program? And why you didn’t choose to continue an RN-BSN through Rivier?

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Each core nursing class has a clinical that went with it. We had 2 “care of the adult/med surg” clinicals, pedi, L&D, and mental health. I did the night program cause at the time I had a 2 year old and it was most convenient. Clinicals were either 3 8s or 2 12s (I may be wrong with that since it’s been a while, but I think that was it). At the end of each nursing course you take a HESI (like a mini NCLEX that is specific to that course, and you have to pass to move on). Anything below an 80 is failing. You do have to take a religion course since it’s a catholic school (I took an ethics class which was relevant to nursing). All in all I loved the program and remember it fondly. I did not live on campus, so I can’t speak to that (I was married and had a child).

The reason son I didn’t continue at Riv is because I just went back last year (I had 2 more kids!). I live in the Boston area now and don’t have a car, so I wouldn’t be able to make the commute for the capstone with is something I do want to do. When I went there I lived in Nashua. If you don’t have kids and are able to make the commute, it is worth it.

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