Is parents treatment ok with an order?

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One of my parents showed me a "trick". It is basically a saline flush of nasal passage using suction. For respiratorally challenged individuals with clear lung but terrible nasal congestion. This was the first time I had ever seen it and would like to get an order for it for several of my patients. I was amazed at how well it worked. I realize that not every treatment works well on every one but this is a fairly low key intervention. Has any one else seen this done with orders? There does not seem to be very high risk of aspiration with very small amounts of normal saline. And no fluid volume issues. Am I bad for encouraging mom.

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From what you wrote of the parents, it sounds like the normal way I suction an infant. Also, the RTs and other nurses in my hospital do the same. They use normal saline prior to suction of infants. What have you been doing if you have not been using normal saline prior to suctioning them? Or are you talking about a much older population?

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I would not encourage this with out the primary provider being aware and giving the ok.. We are not allowed to prescribe anything, even OTC..

The trick you are talking about tho has been used for years in newborns and toddlers. Saline nasal drops are sold over the counter and yes some peds will instruct the family how to do it and how to use a suction bulb correctly.

If you feel it will help the pt, bring it up to the PP and see if he/she is in agreement with you and will show the family how to do it.. The reason I say have the PP show the family first, is to insure you are taught proper technique also.. I know how simple it is but CYA in the process of helping other.

She was shown by "ER nurse". I have used normal saline with a trach but was curious if it was acceptable to use nasally. I will check if I can get orders. For suction she used suction machine started before saline applied so it looked fairly straight forward. I am glad to know this is a common practice. I am mildly embarrassed that I had not seen or heard of this before. How does this differ from a neti pot?

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It's not that uncommon. There are a variety of nasal (saline) flush kits available or you can just use your own supplies, but I have seen this as a Dr.'s order several times. It is very helpful to reduce instances of sinus infection.

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