Is nursing worth it?!?


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So I've recently made the decision to enter a BSN program and persue my dream of becoming a nurse. Here's the only problem, I'm fixing to graduate from a pretty prestegious university with a 3.9 GPA. I have scholarship offers to Yale, Duke and Princeton. BUT it's in a field that I have lost interest in my last 3 years of college. Beginning this new degree will mean at least 2 more years of undergraduate work. So I'm asking you..what decision would you make if you were in my shoes. Is getting a degree in nursing worth missing out on an Ivy League education? Should I go to school for something I am not passionate about just to get that prestigious degree? Let me know what you think!


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Personally, I'd rather spend the next 20 to 30 years doing something I wanted to do rather than go into gobs of debt for the sake of prestige.

Before shutting the door, though, you might consider some extensive shadowing, volunteering, or a job in something that lets you get a good look at what nurses do and at what your previous field of interest does. The latter, because you might be fed up with the schooling aspects but they might not be indicative of the actual work in the field. Just a thought.

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If you decide nursing is really for you ... and you are able to re-locate to go to school ... I would recommend you go to a Master's level entry program for nursing rather than invest another 2 years at the undergraduate level.

Because many people find themselves in situations similar to yours, some universities offer programs that provide initial nursing education at the graduate level. The student graduates with a Master's Degree after about 2 years of study rather than a Bachelor's. This enables them to qualify for graduate level financial aid and steamlines their long-term educational process.

Do a search of this website and you'll find some threads on such programs.


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If you are about to graduate from a university, are you about to have a BA in something else? If so, do an ABSN program. I know Duke has one for sure.

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I believe all those universities offer ABSN programs or Direct-entry MSN. Check them out to see if you can keep the scholarship to those same schools, but in nursing.

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Do you want to be a nurse, or do you want to tell people you have an Ivy league education?

Either option is fine.

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Wow..your options seems really diverse and good both ways.

Ivy League education opens a lot of doors and looks good to any employer. It means you are very qualified and/or hardworking.


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Duke has an accelerated BSN program, Yale has a similar program, and Princeton has no nursing program. Both Duke and Yale will not transfer my scholarships to a degree towards nursing. I would probably be competitive for nursing based scholarships at both schools, but both are EXTREMELY expensive. I'm just going to have to see what scholarships I receive. IF they are not full I will probably just head to UVA-Wise where I have been awarded a full scholarship. Really appreciate the suggestions!!


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If you have an ivy league scholarship, take it! If you decide once you've finished your education that you don't want to work in that field then you can make the switch. Many places have accelerated programs for those who already hold degrees. Nursing will still be available to you in the future. Those scholarships may not. If you just can't stand anymore school in the same field then certainly check out the programs and scholarships in Nursing available to you at those same schools and other prestigious schools. It can't hurt to see if you can get a great scholarship offer in Nursing.


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what Saysfaa said...I am 40 and have spent 20 years in the work-force doing something that I really wasn't thrilled about from the word go. Now as a middle-aged worker I feel I have wasted all of that time and have not accomplished much. I always wanted to be in the mental health field, even in high school, but I let my goal get derailed. Oh if I could have that time back!!! Even though you are young, you know in your heart what you want to do. You seem to be concerned about the HOW of making it happen. That was the same concern for me and I let what seemed overwhelming obstacles at the time change my life course. Also, there is no reason that you can't get accepted into a presitigious nursing program the same way you were accepted to your other program. Duke has a nursing program (excellent, I know as I live in NC :-). Do what is in your heart and do NOT let the "buts" get in the way. Good luck to you!