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No - in a good way. I'm over halfway through, and it's much better than I expected (after spending too much time on this website). While very difficult and time consuming, it's not my entire life. I still have time to cook most nights, to watch some TV, and to go out and do something usually once each weekend. My instructors are generally tough but fair, most are really intelligent and good at what they teach (not all, but it's not going to be perfect). They seem to want us to succeed, and continually offer to give extra help to anyone who is struggling. Also, while hard to get, As are not a thing of the past. You just have to work much harder to earn them. It's not all roses, my school has some really annoying things about it, but on the whole I'm enjoying the experience so far!


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MB37, thanks for your post. It's nice to know there are people out there who didn't have nursing school consume every second of their day. I am just starting out and though the first week was overwhelming, I did find time to cook dinner, hang out with my kids and check my email. Thankfully we had a 4 day weekend. I was able to get ahead with my studies.

It's still too early in the semester to know if school was what I expected.


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for some reason i was expecting nursing school to be easier. several nurses i know told me not to worry, that A&P was the most challenging class i will have ever taken. HA! so here i sit, consumed with anxiety and guilt because i havent yet cracked the books this weekend, and although i have tomorrow off, my first exam in 102 is in 8 days. i can't read for pleasure these days because the joy is sucked out of it by the shame looming in the back of my head for choosing something other than a textbook. i have trouble staying awake in lecture, but it doesnt matter because the instructor will only present theory to us in vague intervals and then spend the rest of the time telling us what we absolutely must know (7 chapters worth was friday's lecture) the next time we show up. on top of this ridiculous amount of reading and memorizing is the A&P review i require just to comprehend some of the pathophys, extra days of lab simulation they didnt bother telling us about until after week 1 of this term, pharm lecture and assignments, all-day labs, clinicals, pre-clinical med intensives and the brain-sucking careplans. throw in my whiny baby of a husband who doesnt understand nor appreciate education and i am a panic attack waiting to happen

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I've enjoyed nursing school a lot more than I expected. Our faculty is great and very supportive and the students all work together to help each other succeed and learn. I've made the best friends :)

I am in my last semester and I can actually say I feel ready to graduate. I'm scared yes, but I feel I have a basic level of skills and knowledge and I know I'll be ok out there.


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Wow guys! My experience has been just the opposite! Granted I only have finished week 1 but I am having such a good time that I feel guilty now!! Our instructors are awesome...they are all excited and full of energy. The lectures are interesting and exciting. Our skills assessments have been laid back affairs and the instructors have taken tons of time to show us how to properly do our skills!! There is not that much reading...the instructors gave us Unit Guides with the exact pages they want us to study...not just whole chapters...only certain pages!! They are giving us Exam Blue Prints that tell us pretty much what exactly to be studying for!! I've had time each day to spend with my family...I am only spending about 2 hours a day actually reading and studying!! It's just been a total blissful time for me!!

I am having the time of my life...The first day I was so excited that I was jumping up and down in my seat during class and I felt like a total dork...kind of like a kid during Christmas...the instructors thought this was wonderful!! You can walk in the class and tell the intructors really want to be there and this joy radiates throughout the whole class and every single one of us classmates (59 of us to be exact) feel this exitement and we are all happy students!!

It's been great. I don't know what tomorrow holds for may be a whole new ball game...but so far, I am having the time of my life and I think I can speak for all of my class...they are too!!

I am a little worried about a 40 page paper? Is this for real? OMGoodness...I'm shaking in fear just thinking about that. But, by far A&P was so much more tougher than this!! But like I said earlier, I am just starting this Nursing School gig..things may change, but I am living it up while I still can!!



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I'd say so far so good. I must admit that it can be boring at times. The only problem that I seem to be running into is my expectations of myself. I often think that I should know more than I do, and that I should be able to figure out the "perfect" nursing diagnosis for my patient, even with just one semester under my belt. I am trying relax a little and remember that these things really only come from experience.


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So far I absolutely LOVE NS :redpinkhe. Granted it has only been a week, but I really enjoy my instructors and classes. I went into ns expecting to be studying at least 2 hours a night and so far I have done just that. I have made sure to go over the material a little at least everyday and have still had time to have some fun. My first quiz is on Wednesday and I am a little nervous just because its the first one and I don't really know what to expect. I feel as if it will get easier over time once I figure out exactly what I should be focusing on. Right now I am just trying to cram everything into my brain, the quiz is only 12 questions and there is just so much material!

We start our clinicals in two weeks and I am so excited yet nervous too!


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Last semester when classes first started, i was like " this is not what i expected" I had imagined NS more hands on and one on one with the instructors.It seemed we were just thrown out there.Alot of it was learn on your own.But, as the semester rolled along it started making sense to me and I started understanding what was expected of me.I enjoy NS.It was a big adjustment and it is NOTHING like reg. college classes.Im having fun and being stressed out.Monday is our first exam for this semester.It is on the muskuloskeletal system.Im having trouble remembering all of the disorders!Tomorrow we have a quiz for our cath lab, check offs for parenteral meds next wk., and we have 17 online exams do soon and our dosage calc test in 2 wks.Hmmm......:bugeyes:

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