Is Nursing school expensive in Texas?


Hi, I am from CT short story friend/co-worker move down to Texas a few year's ago. In talks he planned to go togoing to Nursing school said it is cheap down in Texas. Fiance' and I are marrying after she is done with LPN school, November 2016.

Fiance' was reading a magazine given to her by her teacher about LPN Market and LPN/RN program's. One that caught her eye was in Texas. Fiance' has never been to Texas. Has family in Texas, but they come up this way. Same with me I had family I. Texas they moved up to New Jersey, weird. Any who the idea is floating around there.

Thinking of two thing's can finish my RN degree up here or complete it down there. I currently make $22 an hour working as a Mental Health Worker. Last time I talked to my friend was making $15 an hour.

Now an associate's degree cost about $25,000 up here and a bachelor's can range from $45,000 to $60,000 up North where I live. With my current bachelor's degree can mitigate some of the cost to doing a bachelor's for $30,000.

Curious on how much program's normally cost in Texas?

I plan on doing my Bachelor's unless there is a Master Entry program.

Appreciate the feedback.

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Best bet is to go directly to the websites of Texas schools as each school will have different costs and requirements. By doing a search on the BON website, you can find approved programs to guide you to their websites.

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You'd need to establish Texas residency before you'll qualify for the in-state tuition and fees. Generally, this occurs one year after the day you relocate here.

Community college associate degree programs cost $60 per credit in the metro area where I live. Most of the BSN programs in the UT, TAMU, and Texas State University systems cost in the $300 range per credit, plus or minus a few dollars.