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I'm currently working on my pre-requisites for my community college's ADN program. I literally just started - I'm doing the pre-req for A&P in the fall, so I have about a full year of classes to go. I just had a question for all you other students out it normal to doubt this sometimes?

I've always been scared of commitment, especially for the rest of my life, and there are times that I'm unsure Nursing School/nursing is right for me. I know it is, and I know that it's what I want to do, but is it normal to doubt that sometimes? My family isn't necessarily the most supportive, either, so I don't think that helps.

Does anyone have some advice for this? I'm scared and excited, even though I know that there's at least a year before I'll even apply much less get in. I really would like to lessen this if it's possible, as it's making my home life kind of difficult (I live with the rest of my family as I'm still 18).

Thank you very much. :redbeathe:redbeathe


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Yea it's normal. Even when you're in nursing school you may doubt yourself. You may ask yourself, "Am I smart enough, can I handle this?" type of thing. After the first semester of nursing school, you'll feel drained and may not be that EXCITED about nursing school anymore. But just remind yourself everyday of why you went into this profession in the first place. Word of advice: if you want to get into nursing school next fall, start doing research NOW into your Plan A, B, C, etc. Wow, if you're 18 your fine. Just make plans and do your research. Make sure that your plans are realistic. I'd say ignore rumors that may hop around your school about, "oh you need a 4.0gpa" fluff. You just apply to whereever you are going to and let the admissions team make that decision of whether you can get in or not.


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I think doubts are normal. Nursing is a second career for me, so it seems like every day I have an "am I completely insane?" moment. I'm married and am leaving a semi-secure job to be a part-time employee and a full time college student.

I know at 18 it seems like there's such pressure to know what you're going to do for the rest of your life. I know I felt it. I ended going to college and getting a BA and have been a potter for the last 10 years. Now, I'm 32 and starting a new chapter in my, and my husband's lives.

If this is what you feel called to do, pursue it. You may find that you get into your schooling and another career may feel like a better fit. The classes you're taking for your potential ADN degree will most likely count towards another AA or bachelor's degree should you decide to change majors.

Good luck to you!!


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Phew! I'm so glad to realize I'm not insane.

Just a bit of clarification - I'm 18, but I turn 19 in August (FINALLY), and have been going to college for a little over three years (two of them through my high school's Running Start program). I'm getting CNA certified very soon as well, so that'll be an insight into what I'm getting into. =) I've done a lot of research, and definitely agree that if something else strikes my fancy, I'll go into it. However...for some reason, nursing just feels "right". It's where I'm meant to go, scared that I am.

Thank you guys very much. =) I'm going to stop worrying about it as much and simply focus on my schoolwork. :redpinkhe:heartbeat:redbeathe


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You know I am so glad that I read this post because I was thinking the same things today. I was considering just going to a smaller college and getting my LPN because I am so afraid I will fail. How do you overcome something like that?

I think it's totally normal. I'm in a similar position as you, although I am 30 years old, married with two kids! I'm just starting my pre-reqs this fall as well and am planning to apply for the fall 2010 nursing program. It can be scary as heck. I have days where I question my decision too, and sometimes reading posts here on allnurses can affect me too, both good and bad. Just remember that each person is different, each program is different, each hospital is different. Since you're 18, I think you are at a big advantage because you already have an idea of what you want to do. At 18, I had no clue and didn't go to college for that very reason. As a previous poster said, you can always change your mind if you get into the program and decide it isn't for you and the majority of your pre-reqs will transfer to another program that you might be interested in, whether in the medical field or not. I wish you all the best and if you ever start to feel overwhelmed or question your decision, just relax and take some deep breaths because more than likely the feeling will pass.


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You have not mentioned whether or not you're volunteering @ a hospital. Are you? If not, I highly recommend it. It not only gives you excellent exposure into the hospital environment and to nurses working but it also allows you to start interacting with patients and validating your feelings towards the career you are choosing. By the way, volunteering is an excellent plus for your nursing school application! Oh, and volunteering does not mean at the gift shop, it means patient contact like in the ER or anything that allows you contact with patients alongside medical personnel.

BTW, I just turned 40 and this will be a 2nd career for me - I am also scared but through volunteering it has helped me confirm that this is what I really want to do!


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Keep doing what you're doing. When I was your age a did the same thing. I complete the CNA in my senior year in high school. I REALLY liked nursing as a CNA student even though I had to clean dentures full of vomit of Lt patients at times.

My deam was always to be an rn. The economy in the 90's was really bad and my dad and mom last their job. They couldn't support us or I going into a 2 year program where I was advised not to work back then.

I stopped taking prereqs got into a medical assistant program and worked in a clinic making $7/hr back then. I continued going to school got a B.A. and been working as a sub. teacher. With the current economy, California's new teachers are geting laid off.

I don't think I'll have a job next semester, so I'm going back to retaking pre reqs and trying nursing again. Thank god I was making about 45/hr and was able to save same money.

Try the CNA program and see if nursing is for you. You'll see the real picture there.

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