Is this a needle stick injury


So I had just given my patient their insulin. Used one hand to activate the safety (which is one that slides up to cover the tip of the needle so you done poke yourself).

As I was throwing away the needle, I felt the needle part that wasn't covered by the safety slide on the side of my finger. I noticed it and dropped the needle in the sharps box. There was no cut on my finger or the glove I used. I just think I'm freaking out cuz my patient is Hep C positive. But is this a needle stick injury?

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If there is no break in the glove or your skin, how could it be a needle stick?

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better be wrong than sorry, go ahead and report it, get check and move on. That happen very frequently but why living scare?

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I agree with both of the above posts. You should report it because of the pt having Hep C to Occupational Health. However, as long as you did not break the surface of your finger/hand you did not get stuck. You should report it while the pt is still inhouse!!!

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If it will give you peace of mind, report it. Really though, there is not a whole lot to be done. The side of the needle touched your glove. That is why you are wearing said glove(s). It would be no different than if you got a drop of the pt's blood on the intact glove. I know it is easy for me to say, separated from the situation, but relax--you will be fine!

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It does not sound like you were stuck. Also, you'd likely have felt pain, even for a moment, if the needle pierced your skin.

That being said, I second the PP's advice: if it makes you feel better, go ahead and talk to Occupational Health or your PCP.


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thank you. i've had a lot of stress about this job and have been paranoid about everything. I didn't feel any pain nor did I it cut through my glove. I just felt the cold thur the glove when I was putting it in the sharps.