Is the NCSBN application for iPhone almost the same format as the actual NCLEX exam?

Nursing Students NCLEX


Or is it enough + La Charity?? Let me know, please!! :) Thanks a lot!! :) It has a lot of prioritization/triage, delegation, infection control, too!! I want to know if it's enough with La Charity or not?? Or do I need to answer kaplan/saunders/lippincott, too?? :) I cannot decide anymore. I didn't finish any software yet because i'm having second thoughts if i'm answering the right one. HELP!!!! :) THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :)

You will not see the same questions from review sources on the NCLEX. Passing the NCLEX does not depend upon question recognition, it depends upon your ability to apply your knowledge of the basic material to any question, no matter how it is worded.

I din't like the iphone app for NCSBN,

Sorry, I didn't like the NCSBN app, but i do like the ATI app because it gives you the rationale for the wrong answers as well

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