Is the nclex 4000 style question is the same with Nclex exam?

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Just wondering.. Thats what I'm using right now..

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i used nclex 3500 as one of my sources and for me they were similar. some of the nclex 3500 questions were too easy but so did some of my actual nclex questions.

as long as you read all the rationales for all questions and understand the "why" then you will be fine with any programs you used.

i also did not care about my scores during "test mode", didn't get anything above 70%. so i switched to "study mode" and do questions as much as i can. i must have done only a couple of hundred of questions on nclex 3500 because i was also using other stuff. all in all, i probably did less than 1200 nclex style questions. but i made sure i understood everything on those 1200 questions.

good luck.

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Thanks for the info :)

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