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Would like to take Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology ii next summer. Does anyone think this is too much for summer classes? I don't have any small children at home and I am currently not working.

yeah if you aren't working and don't have kids and have free time on your hands you could do it. it would involve a lot of studying a lot a lot of studying and the labs and stuff. just manage your time right.

If you are good at managing your time and if these types of courses come easy for you, I think you'll be fine. It will be a crazy amount of work, but worth it if you can get a good grade.

Thank you everyone!

Depends on if the courses are 5 or 8 weeks. If it's 8 weeks or more than yes. I will have taken A&P 1 and 2 in the 5 weeks cessions this summer. I do not think I will be doing another 5 week science class. I have made all A's until this past test I think. You get burnt out easily.

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Speaking from experience, I would say take A&P separate from microbiology in the summer.

These classes are your foundation for your future career, you really want to focus and KNOW the material. Just memorizing to get an A is not the way to go. There's no need to rush, I was caught by that mentality and had to force myself to take a step back. In my honest opinion I think taking all three during the summer will get you burnt out. Nevertheless, power to you if you go for it !

Remember to enjoy the pre-nursing process, the knowledge you gain is priceless !

In your sort of situation, it can be done.

Expect to be doing the equivalent of a FT job, plus a half-time job on top of that--i.e., absolutely not less than 60 hours a week. And this may be in addition to class (not Lab) time.

Thank you everyone. I do have another question. I am going to apply in jan for the nursing program which starts in August of 2013. I will have most of my core reqs by the end of spring semester 2013 before I start nursing school in the fall. All except A&P 1 and Microbiology. This is why hence the question taking them both in the summer. Or do I take one that summer before NS starts and one the following summer? Or is it important to have them both done before I start NS? Sorry so long I just want to do the right thing.

I don't think that's too much. I took 8 classes, which included Micro and A&P ii and their labs. It's definetley not easy but its doable. You can do it, and if you want to be ahead than go for it. I took so many classes so I can finish my Pre-reqs as soon as possible bc I wanted to start Nursing school quickly (I am starting this upcoming fall. Aug 20 to be exact:yeah:). I got straight A's that semester except for one B in Micro lecture. Like I said if you a good dedicated student you can do it! Goodluck!:)

Emichell, thank you so much. I do hope to get in quickly to the Nursing program. I am not getting any younger and this is a second career for me. Good luck to you in your Nursing Program. Please keep us updated as to how it goes!

I am currently taking A&PI and Statistics over the summer. I too don't have any kids and I am not working so I find it very easy (only 2 more weeks of classes left!) You, however, are taking about two classes that I haven't taken yet. From what I've heard, it shouldn't be difficult taking microbio and A&PII in the summer at the same time, especially if you're not working and don't have kids. I'm sure you can do it. Take them both at the same time to get them over with. The faster you complete the classes the faster you will become a nurse (IMO anyway)

Good Luck!

Micro isn't bad. AP does take a lot of time. I thought micro made sense while in lecture and lab was super easy just took a long time when we did staining. I got A's in Micro and AP 1 and 2. I took them as 10 week classes though. If you are willing to work at it then I think you will be fine. I had these done before nursing school and it lightened my load while in nursing school which I was thankful for.

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