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Hi! Just a warning! Kaplan's guarantee is only for first-time test takers!

I took the NCLEX right after graduation, without any studying, and failed. I then took the Kaplan Review Course and failed yet again. I wasn't given any type of refund because it wasn't my first time testing! Their testing strategies help, but they are simply not enough! I personally needed more content review. I suggest using Saunder's Comprehensive Review Book and maybe checking out a Kaplan book for their hints and tips.

I am doing kaplan, and because I know that I tend to forget content, I read the book that comes with the course as well as content videos available online.

I also bought the kaplan book you buy at the store.

It is true that you can't use all the tips, but they are helpful on some questions.

Based on a few friends that have taken their exams, it comes down to if you know your material VERY well.

so that is what I am doing, reading and questions, reading and questions...

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