Is this what I have to look forward to being a male nurse....


I recently got my cna license I was excited at first passing the boards and maybe finding a decent paying job. Unfortunately the excitement didnt last long I started looking on google and seen all these articles about male nurses and cna's either abusing their patients or sexually assaulting them I know not everyone is like this but it puts male nurse in a bad light. I began to think what if I am accused of doing something am I ready for my mugshot being shared online even if I maybe innocent maybe I am thinking to much into this because there are many male nurses who have been working in this field with no issues I guess what im asking is how should a male nurse go about enjoying his career while avoiding accusations that may occur.


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Maybe I'm not media savvy but I've never considered it an issue. I would do most of the same things that a female nurse does.

Explain what you are going to do before you do it. Especially if it is a sensitive area. I have to move women's breasts all the time to apply heart monitor stickers. I usually say "I have to put this under your breast. Is it ok if I move it or would you rather." I usually try to get a second person when cathing someone. Usually a tech, mostly that's because I might need a pair of unsterile hands, but partially because I don't want to be the only person in the room when I'm holding a mans penis. (I'm female) I return the favor whenever I can for the male nurses, techs, doctors.

I suppose it depends on the area you are working in, what type of procedures you do. However, I have found being matter of fact, respecting preferences (some people won't want someone of the other sex performing certain procedures on them and if possible that should be accommodated), and explaining before you do something will get you far.

I've never had a male nurse state they had concerns, but maybe some males will chime in.


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Thanks for replying to my question it seem like my thread was moved I wonder why I hope some other male nurses can chime in also.


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IT is where you want to be right now, I am actually thinking about getting a cert in AI as well. Nursing is too much work for too little pay.


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While I don't work work with adult patients directly, we do have breastfeeding moms and moms that do skin to skin contact with their baby. I have not had an issue. Vast majority of the mothers see me as a nurse and not a male nurse.


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Are you serious im not to interested in it but I will go where the money is lol but an ai certificate is what exactly.


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pretty much about automation and how its going to take over a lot of these jobs, i would start with a front end web developer job then go to full stack developer, you are learning about programming language such as javascript,python etc. you can branch off to mobile app developer, but AI programmer will make games and have certain things in the game act a certain way depending on the player etc..its not an easy field you have to be pretty good in mathematics. salaries range from low 70s to mid 100's after a couple years.

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If you go about any job with the thoughts of "what if this" or "what if that" you'll end up worrying your entire career and doubting yourself. You won't ever trust yourself. If you can't trust yourself and what you do, how can the patient trust you? To be honest, I've only heard about "bad male nurses" while browsing these forums. I have not come across any patient, nurse, or person in the real world that had come across a male nurse issue with assaulting. Do what you are trained to do, do your charting, and if you need help, grab a second pair of eyes (female that is); however, you can't expect to have a second pair of eyes following you everywhere you go.

I had an elderly patient that had severe sundowner's. She called her family and told them I kidnapped her and did things to her. Was I worried they were going to press chargers? Not at all. I made sure my charting was 100% accurate, I had several coworkers assisting me with calming her down, I notified my charge nurse, I notified the MD in the AM, and I notified the family over the phone and even requested them to come in to watch her. Pretty simple to be honest.


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Barcode what you said I will remember while im in my career. You are right wondering what if would do me nothing but hold me back we may all face issues in the profession but it shouldn't keep me in fear.


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We have woefully few male nurses. In our entire department (I think we have around 100 staff nurses), we only have two males. I have never once heard anything said about their gender. If anything, they are very well-liked. As a male nurse, you may find that some specialties favor males more (intraop, ICU, ED) than others (Gyn L&D). At the end of the day, we are all nurses.


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I cringe every time I read a newspaper story about some male nurse doing something bad. It just seems to reflect poorly on all of us.

There are ways to protect yourself. I frequently have a female nursing assistant, or even family member in the room with me when I have to do EKGs, or cath UAs, or the like. I usually offer to have a female coworker do it. I say that it will probably delay their care by a little while, as my female coworker is busy right now, but I always give the option.

I have found that if you are friendly and professional, most of the time women are happy to allow you to do your job. Some are uncomfortable with it, and that is OK. I don't know their background. Maybe have been the victim of abuse in the past. I don't take it personally.

In short, I would say keep it in the back of your mind, but don't let it make you afraid to care for women.