Is it healthy to have a slight OCD?


  1. Is this normal? If not, could you tell me how to improve my habits?

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I double check everything such as locking doors, checking list, etc. Is this going to cause me a problem in nursing school?

For your note, I'm already in the nursing program and just started.

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If you can diagnose yourself, you should also be able to decide on a treatment plan and prognosis.


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If you're under the care of a mental health provider discuss this with them

If you have self diagnosed, labeled yourself, that only leads to self a fulfilling prophecy.

Checking the doors one more time prior to going to bed is not OCD. Checking the doors 4 times, waking up in the middle of the night and checking again could be OCD, I'm not a mental health provider.

Everybody checks lists several times. The purpose of a list is so you don't have to remember, you can check and double check your list several times throughout the day.

It is dangerous ground to self diagnose. From my chronic stomach ache is just lactose intolerance....(no it's not, you have cancer). To I have OCD. No you don't, or yes you really do, go see a doctor.


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I have to add my best friend's daughter has OCD. It's a serious debilitating illnes. Nothing to joke about, self diagnose, or take lightly.

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If you have "slight" OCD then I'm guessing you don't actually have OCD. There is nothing "slight" about OCD.

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I agree with the others. If you haven't recently spoken with a professional in the field of anxiety and OCD you should do so, even if your self-assessment is that you have a mild case. We're not trying to make light of your worries, but once you are in nursing school, we won't know enough about you to advise you when things get worse, or even if they don't.

Establishing a dialogue with someone who does know you will establish a baseline to work with and be an invaluable resource to provide you with relevant and appropriate feedback.

Best wishes to you!