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Is Excelsior Accepted?

Hello SC nurses! I was wondering if anyone knew if the SC BON accepted an RN degree from Excelsior? I am seriously considering going through Excelsior to get my RN, but I wasnt sure if SC would let me take the NCLEX if I got it from there. Thanks for the input!

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I'd like to know too. I emailed the board about it a year ago and never heard back.

I'd like to know too. I emailed the board about it a year ago and never heard back.

I tried calling the SC State BON, but of course, everytime the operator "transfered" me to someone's desk, it went to their voicemail, SO i called Excelsior, and asked her what states do NOT allow Excelsior degrees to take the NCLEX, and SC was not one of them. So I guess SC accepts it, but i would feel better actually asking someone who works for the BON. I will let you know if I have any luck!

I am a recent graduate RN living in SC and I did receive my degree from Excelsior College. At this point I am in search of the best hospitals/benefits but have be offered 2 positions thus far.


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in sc the nursing board is under labor, licensing and regulation. www.llr.state.sc.us/

i have also had problems calling them, but have had good luck in mail and email.

there's a list of boards with the telephone numbers at:


as far as i know Excelsior is accepted, but i would recommend your getting something in black and white before attempting this.

here's the staff of the nursing board.


good luck we need sharp nurses like y'all here in the palmetto state.

I too have been gathering info from Excelsior and from what I have found it is accepted. I did find it listed under the llr site.


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I am currently in the Excelsior program here in SC. For many years nurses have completed their degree with Excelsior formly known as Regents College. It is an accredited college with a good reputation. I

about to take my last Nursing Concepts Exam in about a week and then apply for the CPNE. So stop second guessing yourselves and go for it. There are many nurses that work in SC that have completed Excelsior and they are currently working as RN's. Some jobs will even pay for you to complete your degree with Excelsior, mine is. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Excelsior.

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