Is this the correct way to list credentials?


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I'm a Family NP student. I have a BSN as well.

Would it be listed as

First name, Last name, BSN, RN, FNP-S?

Thank you!

umbdude, MSN, NP

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You can't put any credentials that you have not earned behind your name. FNP is a certification bestowed after you passed the board exam, so you can't utilize "FNP" behind the name until you pass the board. You may state that you are a "Family Nurse Practitioner Student" in the body of the resume.

In short, as an NP student, you can only do the following:

Jane Doe, BSN, RN

Once you passed the board, you can use the following link which will show you how to display your credentials.

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aok7, NP

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Yes, while national body it is easy to read, it is interesting in each state how credentials are placed. I have been in three states seeing the norm so different. I never use NP-C, yet in a prior state most NPs did. Never see it currently. It is assumed that you are certified nowadays, but once upon a time apparently another letter LOL! I am so fascinated by people choosing lengthy titles, purely that no judgment. I use NP, that's it. When I was a nurse, RN, that was that. I do kind of worry the details going awry after "nurse" credentials further confuse other health care providers and patients at a time NPs need to band together like PAs do and MDs do. No question of who's who.

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DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

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When I was a student, I signed my notes PA-S I or II, meaning first year or second year. We had to identify who we were. Now-a-days if using EMR it will already be reflected in your electronic signature you are a student. Agree with aok7, about listing credentials. Once your an NP, it is a given you are an RN and have a BSN, MSN.

TheSquire, DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP

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Credentials always go Degree, License, Certification, Fellowship (with additional categories that rarely come up on this board). If you're a student, your school will have a specific way they want you to sign documentation; IIRC, mine was TheSquire FNP-Student. As you're only a student, it would not otherwise come up in your postnomial letters; if it's important that someone know that you're a student, you'll be giving them your CV anyway.

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Everyone, thank you for your input!

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