Is the ATI predictor accurate?! Please help!

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Hello everyone, I graduated this may and before we were allowed to take NCLEX-PN my school required we take the ATI and pass it with a 85% or higher. I took the ATI and passed it with a 97% likeliness of passing NCLEX first try so my question is, is ATI accurate? I've done over 2000 questions from saunders 4e cd and scoring in the 60-70%...if anyone kno about ATI please let me kno...I'm freaking out my test is in a week!!!:eek:eek!

I had a 94% chance to pass the Nclex on the first try and I did so I'd say it's fairly accurate.

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ATI didn't just arbitrarily make up those percentages. They did studies of students who took the test and how they did on the NCLEX. So the statistics are based on actual fact, not just a random system.

But keep in mind that 97% still means that 3 out of 100 people who got the score that you did will likely fail, so keep studying until you take the test!

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IMHO ATI was kinda easy, if you can fork out the time/money kaplan will kick your butt with questions generally harder than the nclex.

I got 86% and failed the first time I was like wow 3 more % is not much but I still failed so I took Kaplan and passed the 2nd time

Thanx everyone for your feed back..I'm doing 200 questions a day so I pray that helps because I dnt have the extra money to afford kaplan although I did check out kaplan strategies,practice, and reveiw book frm the library and did the questions in the back of the book and score 59% the 1st try and 76% the second so I will continue to do lots of questions and hope they helps me

You can do it!! Stay positive and believe in yourself! If you have any other religious beliefs-PRAY!!! Last month I took my ATI predictor and had a 98% chance of passing the first time. I took my nclex on Tuesday, got the good pop up & woke up Friday morning as an RN with my license on the BRN site. So I think that predictor is accurate but it also depends on the amount of studying you've been doing! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

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