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Is anyone starting NS at LMU in Knoxville??

I am going to be starting Nursing school in August at LMU, at the St.Mary's site. Just wanted to see if there was anyone else out there as well.


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I'm not starting, I'm finishing my first year this month, @ the St. Mary's site...Good Luck

Do you like it there? Have you started clinicals? If so, where have you done them at?



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I've already completed NURS 115. I'm in NURS 125 Med-Surg and 126 Psych right now. I only have one more week of clinical left this term, next week. If you go to the St. Mary's site you do your clinicals there. This term I've done a clinical rotation on 3C, 1C, and Peninsula.

When you start you will be doing your 115 clinical either at the Nursing Home across the street from St. Mary's or on TCU. I would recommend getting some CNA training over the summer, if you don't have any previous medical experience. You will need it, those of us that had some experience were more successful. We lost half the class after the first semester, because you have to make an 80 average period, they don't round up at all, we lost a few because they had a 79.9 average.

Strive to make a good grade from the very first exam. At St. Mary's for NURS 115, reading is essential, do the study guides that come with your textbook. The lectures don't in any way cover what will be on your exams. Don't be late. Do get Henke's Med Math book and read it over the summer, you have to make an 80 on your Dosage Calculation exams, you get I think three attempts after that you're out, we lost someone because of that, too. You will have a couple of dosage questions on each exam as well.

As for me personally, I love it. I've been in the field awhile though. I'm a surgical technologist, I've scrubbed at St. Mary's for six years. Got my CNA over the summer, before Nursing, and I think that has given me an edge over a lot of other students. This summer I will be completing an externship, and then I should have only two more semesters to go, before I graduate in May 09.

There will be good days and bad days, positive people and negative people, steer clear of those neg people. Do form study groups with other people it will be essential as you get through your upper Nursing classes. Good Luck, and if any questions just ask.


Check out LMU website there are syllabis for 115 that you can look at now.

Thanks! That is a lot of good information! I will be going to the St.Mary's site. I did work as a PCT at Baptist for a while. So, I am not a CNA, I did however do everthing they did. {At least at Baptist} I will def. get that math book and start working on it.

Hello, I think I posted on another site-- but I will be starting NS in Knoxville at Blount Memorial- anyone go thru them? Any ideas and suggestions please? I am so excited and keep praying there will be a way for me to go full-time and not work, but it is not looking that way. But I can do it- I know I can!


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Hello, I think I posted on another site-- but I will be starting NS in Knoxville at Blount Memorial- anyone go thru them? Any ideas and suggestions please? I am so excited and keep praying there will be a way for me to go full-time and not work, but it is not looking that way. But I can do it- I know I can!

There are some people that just have to work, but I just hope that you are disciplined enough to study and read. All the sites are pretty much the same curriculum wise, and as far as what is expected. We have some Blount students that do some of their clinicals at St. Mary's. Like I said in the above response, studying is essential and some previous medical experience helps a ton.

Good luck to you.:p

how do people afford lmu?

how do people afford lmu?

Student loans, grants, scholarships....it is expensive, but it is most definately an investment.

Where are you going?

Student nurse-- do you know the book list? The bookstore said it was the same as the spring class except for the drug book- there is a 2008 one. But I cant find the old list on-line

I just went to the bookstore website, and then went to course materials. I am not sure what is included in the "nusing bundle".

I am currently enrolled at LMU. I am taking there O.B. course over the summer, then I will only have two more semesters. Has anyone taken O.B. with Davis? This is a hard subject. I have been fine with my grades up until this class, Now I have a 78 avg and one more test before the final. I am soo scared that i am going to fail. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it.

I have not started yet, but I know you can do it!! Buckle down and study-- think positive, this is your goal- DO IT

I've applied to Walter State and Roane State.

Does anyone who has been in LMU's program know if there is a certain steth we are supposed to get?

Awesome! There are some people on here that go to LMU, lol. I go to the Harrogate branch, and I am liking it pretty well. I am starting nursing school in August. Is anyone else studying their Henke's book and trying to cram those 10 chapters in over summer? lol I'm really glad that they are putting a CRNA & PA program in at the Harrogate branch. Very exciting.

I just recieved my acceptance letter to attend LMU Fall 2009 at the Alcoa site. Is there anyone else that will be attending there this Fall? If so, please reply because I do have some questions.

Just wondering how you like LMU? how are the instructors and when are the classes scheduled. I will be attending Alcoa site Fall 09. Any info would be appreciated.

If you get this message, I would love to hear from you regarding nursing at LMU. I will be attending Fall 09 at Alcoa site and have some questions I would like to as you, if possible? Were you a LPN before you entered the program?

Hi there! I am in my second semester at LMU, however, I am at the Knoxville campus. So, I really don't have much advice on the Alcoa sight. It has been hard these past two semesters. Nothing like my pre-reqs. Nursing 115 isn't that bad, but 125 is kicking my butt! Good luck!

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