Is ANYONE hiring new grads!!???

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I am wondering if anyone has any leads on ANYONE hiring new grads in the Denver/Boulder area. I know currently Hospitals are a long shot, I'm looking for truly anything. I would love to work at a hospice place, if anyone knows of any that are willing to hire new grads. Any info is much appreciated.


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Lutheran has a great New Grad program in July, November and usually in March or April. It is somewhat competitive but not totally impossible and much more likely than getting in at University.


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Home Health is still hiring, but you are usually out on your own with no backup. LTC and rehab places are hiring new grads too. Get dressed up, bring your resume and walk in, ask if they are hiring rns. Most will say yes even if they aren't and keep your resume on file. That's how we've hired the last few nurses at my facility and how I got my job.

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UCH has a new grad program that runs twice a year, I believe.


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Hey! So I work at St. Joe's. They just finished this new grad program for us. They might have another one starting in the spring/summer. I know that's a long ways away. I know lutheran did a new grad program for november, but they only hired internal senior practicum people for it. Check denver health or swedish. I know that they hire new grads. I hope this helps.

Also look at SNF or LTC. I know it's not ideal, but it's a job and experience no the less.