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IPN readiness to complete evaluation

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I have been given a list of IPN approved evaluators for my readiness to complete evaluation. However, I moved to Florida not long ago, so I am not familiar with any of them. The ones around my area charge $1000-1500 for the evaluation which I think is excessive.

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Why do you need a readiness to complete? I am in IPN. I know if you haven't worked as an RN and or haven't shown readiness they can ask for one. I am assuming you haven't been in IPN very long. I would ask for more evaluators. I paid $500 for my evaluation when I moved to Florida from California. Entering into my 4th year.

Ok I read through your posts. I see you transferred your program, and you would be completing IPN in less then 5 years. Which is what I wish I could of done. California, makes you complete what you haven't finished if I return to that state.

They don't allow concurrent monitoring programs. I have been doing this since 2006…UGGGH

Where do you live??


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So, I have a 2 year contract. I started in Alabama, completed 1 year, and moved to Florida. My contract will technically be up in Septempter, but I have not had 4 employer reviews in Florida because I did not get my license here until January. So, since I have not had 4 employer reviews they want me to have a readiness to complete evaluation.

I love in Wellington, Palm beach county!


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The psychiatrist are in bed in IPN. Very few "doctors" are accepted by IPN for evaluation/treatment. These so-called doctors know this, so they will charge $1000-$1,500 for a 1hr eval. They know your career depends on it. Can someone tell me, why this isn't called extortion?

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Fyi. These charges are tax deductible because they are fees required to maintain licensure.


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