CMA jobs?

  1. I am originally from Iowa, now live in Oregon, but planning to move back in 2008. Are there many good Medical Assisting jobs there?
    I know this is an RN sight, but bear with me.:spin:
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  3. by   LPN0207
    There are a few here and there, however I don't see Iowa as being a big CMA to speak. I just graduated from Hamilton/Kaplan College from the PN program. The college also has a Medical Assistant program but they have a difficult time finding jobs because in our part of the state at least...we just don't utilize them. Many of the MA's drop out of the program and join the PN program. Just FYI, you can find them, but they aren't that plentiful yet.
  4. by   rlaurengirl22
    What part of Iowa are you moving back to? Around Iowa City, Muscatine and Davenport they use MA's a lot in clinics.

    Hope that helps!
  5. by   prowlingMA
    We are thinking Des Moines.
  6. by   S.N. Visit
    They are used heavily in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Clinics.
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  7. by   Cherokee RTW
    I'm confused. I work for the State of Ia. in a Psychiatric Facility; years ago I held a position as a CMA ( Certified Medication Aide ). Is this the position you are referring to, or one of a much lofter position?
    The facility were I work in N.W. Ia no longer uses Med Aides, however they do use the equivalent of a CNA ( Certified Nursing Assistant ) but we are called an RTW ( Resident Treatment Worker ).
    Currently we have a few positions open on both the PM & Overnight shifts.
    The nice thing about living in a more rural area of Iowa is the cost of living is much cheaper. However you need to temper that with the lack of availability to the creature comforts of city life.
    The nearest city is 60 miles away it's population is a mere 84,000.
  8. by   NeosynephRN
    I think most CMA's are Certified Medical Assistants...they are typically used in doctor office setting and least in my area of Eastren Iowa
  9. by   Cherokee RTW
    I quized my Nurse Supv. last night about what a CMA was, and she agreed with me. However we are probably out of the loop of the vernacular of Medical People in eastern Iowa.
  10. by   NeosynephRN
    Weird how in different parts of the same state it can mean such different mom is a I posted above. She works as an office manager in a Dr's office...she was trained in injections and blood draws..but no longer does that in her current position.
  11. by   Pip50
    I am 49 years old and thinking of becoming a paramedcial insurance examiner. You know the person who takes blood, urine, ekg's for life or health insurance companies. Any suggestions on training. RN or MA programs. Thanks