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Hello everyone, I too have been "lurking" a while. I am a 33yo married mom of three (3,4 & 8) and am currently enrolled in an ADN program. I will be graduating in May 2003. I always knew this is what I wanted to do but I guess I just never got around to it. I don't think I was ready until now. It feels nice to see soo many people who are in the same boat as me (older,kids) and see they are doing it too! I look forward to getting to know everyone.



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It looks like we all decided to join in at the same time. Good luck in school, you'll do great. :cool:

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I'm there with you too! Good luck to all of you. :)


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Thank you both for your welcome, good luck to you too!


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Welcome to the boards Lori. I hope all is well for you. Best wishes and good luck in your future endeavors.


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Welcome Lori, jump right in. I also graduate May 03, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.


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Hi Lori,

It's wonderful to meet you. My name is Fatima, I'm 29 and I have 3 children also (7 1/2, 6, and 15 mths.). I'm a SAHM by day, and I attend college at night. I am taking 2 pre-req's this semester so that I will be eligible for admission into the Fall 2002 program. ;) . Hopefully I'll get in...:) . Hope to post to you soon.


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welcome, lori!!!

:D :cool: :D :cool: :D


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Wow, thank you again for all the great welcomes! I see there are a few cat lovers among us!



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Welcome, Lori! I'm new too...just starting out with my pre-reqs. There seems to be alot of us newcomers joining the boards this week. Glad to be in such great company...good luck with school!



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Thanks, good luck with the pre-reqs. I think the A&P was worse than the nursing classes so far!



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Lori, hi and welcome! I am not around much but I love it here when I do come.



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