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Interview- did i get the job?


I recently interviewed for my first nursing position and the recruiter called back saying that theyre taking it to the next step by checking my references. Does this mean that I probably got the job? How long does it usually take for them to get back to me? Should I call the recruiter again? (Its been almost a week.)

If I do get the job, do I need to write an official acceptance letter?


No, it doesn't mean you got the job, but it means they are interested enough to check you out. If your references come back clean then there is a good chance. If there are more applicants besides you, they will probably be checking their references too, then deciding on the best candidate. A week is not long enough, give it another week. No, you do not need to write a letter, a verbal acceptance is fine. Remember, the job is not officially yours until you and the prospective employer sign the papers.

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In my experience, if they say they are checking your references, chances are they are really interested in hiring you. What kind of job is it?

not written in stone but it sounds goood. if they choose someone else tis is not a reflection on you sometimes they have several people for one positio..if you are notified that you were not chosen; ask if you are on a waiting list

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I went to a job interview and knew when they told me they would check my references and do my criminal background check which would take about ten days (yeah right) it was just an excuse to get me out of there graciously and I wouldn't be hearing from them again.

Maybe your situation will be different. It probably will.

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