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Interview or attack?

I still can't get over what happened to me today. I had an interview (2nd interview since getting lincensed) today at a LTC. When the Don called me a few days before, she new I was a new grad and said she was giving me a chance for an interview. I was very excited because she sounded like she was willing to give me a chance since I had told her I havn't been successful in landing a job. I went in confident because I had studied interview questions and in hopes that I would get the job. She called me in to her office and there were another lady there. As soon as they looked at my resume, thats where it all started. They acted like they did not know I did not have experience. Started telling me that because I have no experience, I would fail working there and also because of that, it would be hard for me to get a job at any LTC. They also said that my school had screwed me over (mind you, i went to a local community college who has a high passing rate). They suggested that I do something else or volunteer at a snf to get the feel of an snf. And so much more. After I thanked them for their time, I left. As soon as I got into my car, my tears just wouldn't stop falling. I have never felt so low in my life. I felt like it was more of an attack than a interview because the don knew I was a new grad. Has anything like that ever happened to any of you? I'm still hopeful that what they said aren't true.


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Thank god you escaped, run for your life, and never look back at that place! Can you imagine having to work for nasty people like that every day?

I started out in LTC, mind you my DON was super supportive, and taught me so much, and made sure I started out on the right foot. I left that place with good ethics and habits.

Sounds like you lucked out they showed their true colors before you actually started. Every LTC center is different and every DON runs things different. Sometimes you luck out, sometimes you get stuck with the crazies.

Thank goodness you were not offered a job there!! Inappropriate doesn't even begin to cover it. I would give you some "doors close windows open" speech, but believe it or not, you are the lucky one in this instance. Join a job search engine, apply to home health, MD offices, hospice, schools, anywhere you would think that you would want to be. Speak to HR people. Summer camps will be coming up soon enough and apply there, "minute clinics", urgent care... I wouldn't go the volunteer route unless you have no other choice. Then it would probably not be in a SNF, unless that is what you want to do. I can't see how a local community college can "screw you over"--that is a bunch of bunk. If you do have to volunteer, I would take the time to get some certifications: IV, wound care, blood drawing....makes you more marketable. Good luck and brush this off as a poor example of an interview (if you can even call that mess an interview!!)

YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR THEM! Besides being rude what else would they have done to you. I had an interview at a nursing agency in Toms RIVER, NJ yesterday and I was treated like dirt. Oh, well their loss.:cheeky:

Thank god you escaped, run for your life, and never look back at that place! Can you imagine having to work for nasty people like that every day?

I guess I am glad I won't be working for people like that. Like you said, I am sure every LTC center is different and I bet there are DON who are as supportive like the one you had. Just not at this particular one I went to.

Thank you jadelpn. I am shaking this off and definitely not letting their words destroy me. Like you said, "doors close windows open." I know I will eventually find something someplace that will value me. I am just glad it won't be with them. Definitely their lost.

realnursealso/LPN, LPN

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I bet they couldn't handle eight hours on the medcart...lol! I bet they dont have any experience doing the job they were interviewing you for. Just laugh those fools out of your head. Maybe they are why they had a job opening. That window God opened, I'm glad you jumped out!...lol! You wouldn't want to work with people with that attitude. Keep looking, you'll find your place, I just know it.

Sounds like you interviewed at my job! That was horrible the way you were treated, I hope this doesn't make you feel like it was your fault. Im glad you didnt get that job because that's how they treat and talk to their employees. I would call and report them to corporate.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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What a waste of your time. As mentioned before at least you know that this place is a nightmare and should be avoided.

Screw 'em. You should have gotten up and walked out.

They didn't ask you any interview questions? Next time this happens (hopefully it won't) you should confidently remind them what they told you over yhe phone about you having no experience but how they were willing to give you a chance. And this most definitely does not look like they're giving you a chance. Also, most professionals have the common sense to be respectful toward others, I find this extremely offensive and maybe you should make a report so they can correct their behavior in the future. I feel like when no one brings these things to light the problem only continues. some people feel it is acceptable to treat other disrespectfully, and they need to be spoken to.

She only asked me two questions: what would I do if I walked into the room and saw that the patient's conditioned changed and why should she hire me. Besides that, they only bashed at me the entire time. I think I was in so much shock and disbelief that this was happening to me that I couldn't speak up for myself. However, I did mention to them that how am I ever going to have that ltc experience if no one gives me a chance because they kept telling no one will since I don't have experience. Like wth? I should report them. How do I go about doing that and to whom?


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