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International verisons are they really the same?


I am needing to get my books fast:p and I decided I am going to try to buy used ones and in search for used ones I found international verison of for the AP, Human growth and devolpment, and Nutrition it would save me $450 so I really want to get them!

I have heard they are usually the same but I thought I would just ask to see if anyone had ever had any issues



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I've purchased "international version" textbooks and they were exactly the same. The only difference was that they were softcover (which is better for me because they are lighter!), and they were way cheaper! I thinking I got international versions for my Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition classes.

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They're good. I've not had any issues, used them for A&P and Micro.

I used the A&P international and it has a sticker on the back reading some kind of warning if you sell it in the U.S. I like to sell mine back, but scared to get in trouble. Any insight?

work&play-I have seen them for sale in the USA....they sell them on EBAY to US residents and I have seen them online and at book stores. I dont think they really can do anything to you if you sell it. It is probably like the stickers on mattress that say 'do not remove' :lol2: I think it is more so for business not personal

What AP book are you trying to sell :)

Marieb's A &P newest edition. I'm going to go ahead and sell it. I' trusting you, but send me your info incase I need someone to bail me out. LOL! Just kiddddding !:smokin:


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Work and play,

I need to buy that book how much are you selling it for?


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I used for all my pre-req classes. Content is the same for the same isbn number.

It maight be alot to pay for shipping. Where do you live?

work&play I wish it was a book I needed :lol2:

I am defiantly going to get the international versions then! It will save me soooo much $$$

From my experience in taking Psychology 230 (Human Growth and Development), the U.S. version of the book we used (Human Development by Pappalia, Olds, and Fieldman) was no the same as the internation version of it. So basically they are not the same.

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