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I reapply to retake NCLEX RN California and asking me for verification of my diploma coming from my school in the Philippines and must verified from department of foreign affair. I did all the requirements and send it back to California BON but I got another letter again asking same documents. Anyone has same issue like me please leave comments what I have to do. Thank you.

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This is not to be brought to PRC. This needs to be requested from DFA.

Here's the form

verification diploma.pdf

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Hi Crissy, 

You need to follow the process of application if they did not ask you to send it to them then don’t send it. They will ask you the list of what they need.

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Hi are you in the Philippines or USA? If you are in USA you need to make Special Power of Attorney. Go to philipine consulate website and make your SPA make sure it’s a family memeber that will process your papers or you. Then you will authorize your family member to process your papers on the Philippines  go to UPS and any notary place just pay 15 dollars and make a copy of your 2 id’s with 3 specimen signature. Email it to them and tell them to make 3 copies 1 for your school. CHED, DFA. Then they need to go to your school and request for CAV. You need to make a copy of your diploma, TOR. Cases and RLE  or they will provide all these documents then your school will provide the request letter for CAV. They  will bring it to ched but you need to schedule an appointment first. Ask your school when are you going to get the documents then schedule online at ched. go to Google and type ched ncr online appointment. Before they have limited spot but they fixed the problem that’s why schedlue right away.  Then they will give you a claim stub for DFA. You need to follow up before you go if it’s ready for pick up. Then ask DFA that you need to send it to board or nursing and they will provide an envelope and give them the address where to send it. Then send it to dhl. With name and location of DFA where your family will pick up not his/ her name. I hope it will help you. Goodluck!

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Actually you don’t need SPA. Authorization letter is fine already because SPA is needed only when getting documents for minors . That’s what DFA told me . I just made authorization letter and have it notarized in ups store . 
just make sure you provide copy of your valid  ID to your representative. Check DFA website about international diploma verification and you will see the requirements there . My sister just processed mine last nov 2020. Goodluck ! 

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Here’s the reply   DFA sent me when I was inquiring about SPA or authorization letter 


Good day!


If the document owner is not a minor of age, a copy of the authorization letter together with the owner's copy of passport bearing signature will suffice.(see reqt links below).


Please check the requirements below before scheduling an appointment. 

List of documentary requirements:

List of requirements for an authorized representative:


If you wish to set an Authentication/Apostille appointment in a DFA-Consular Office, please fill out the form:



Or send an email to the specific branch:

CO Northeast (Ali Mall Cubao) - [email protected]

CO West (SM Manila) - [email protected]

CO East (SM Megamall) - [email protected]

CO South (Metro Gaisano, Alabang) -

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That’s with DFA right? But CHED ask for Special Power of Attorney. It’s almost the same with  authorization letter because you also need to notarize it. I process mine last February 27, 2021. 

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Most nurses who process international diploma always say they need SPA which I don’t know where it started . For CHED and DFA , authorization letter is enough. I made one address to CHED and one for DFA . Both notarized 

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Here’s my email to CHED manila and their reply . No SPA needed but authorization. I was approved already to take NCLEX in Ca last dec 

Dear Ms. Charina, 


Please be advised that CHED Central Office and its regional offices are open to provide essential services to its walk-in clients from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


However, the CHED-NCR requires an "Online Appointment System" for clients who wish to visit their office for official business. To set an appointment, kindly use this link


For questions and clarifications, you may call the CHED Public Assistance Desk at (02) 8441-1260 / 0999-444-5996 (Official Business Hours).


Thank you and warm regards.



Here’s what you will do 


call your school and request rle, diploma and tor . your school will make 2 copies of that and put "certified true copy" on it. they will issue a letter also address to CHED requesting CAV (certification, authentication and verification) for your documents. once all those are ready, your representative will bring it to CHED (nearest where you graduated). mine was in CHED Manila. Usually its CHED who will forward it to DFA Aseana for Apostille. CHEDwill give your representative a receipt with date when to pick up from DFA. on Pick up day, your representative will mail it in DHL located inside the DFA Aseana too. DHL there is the expressworld I think. 


note: 1.  you have to make 2  authorization letters for the person who will process your papers. One for CHED , one for DFA. have it notarized . mine I bring it to UPS store for $15

         2.  Scan a valid government ID and in the paper where your scanned id is, sign it 3x. because your representative need it when claiming the apostille (authorization letter and copy of Govt ID with 3 specimen signature)

         2.  Call DFA few days before the pick up date to inquire if your apostille is ready for pick up already because sometimes its not to avoid going back and forth.

         3.  they will not fill up the international verfication form or diploma verification form. ask your representative to just include it in the package. DFA will not fill it up since theres Apostille already.


I hope all these info helps

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Okay just to clarify *** immediate family member ** *** process **** authorization letter **** **** ** distant relative SPA. And strictly by appointment **** ** CHED. 

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Ms Charina, 

you actually helped me to process this and I’m so thankful ****** ** ***. Good luck  sa exam. ***********?

Fill out the form and have your relatives send to school to request the verification of your diploma. Then when it’s ready, take it to DFA for verification and from them have it mailed directly to the board of nursing 

Hi! Does anyone knows if the form ( International diploma verification) need to be included in the mail to BRN and signed ? Or its okay if not.. because dfa davao won’t fill up and signed the form they said only dfa manila is authorized… hope somebody can help me here… thanks

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