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  1. International Verification of Diploma

    I’m from Davao and all my documents from there too… after my relatives received the form from school to ched for CAV then they forwarded it to DFA for apostille , from DFA Davao should be sealed and my family member send it tru dhl Davao.. hope this ...
  2. International Verification of Diploma

    Fill out the form and have your relatives send to school to request the verification of your diploma. Then when it’s ready, take it to DFA for verification and from them have it mailed directly to the board of nursing
  3. Hello rosey! I do have the same problem. I tried to search and I can’t find the answer. Until I saw your status. Specially right now it is so hard to process papers to and from Philippines. Would you send me a copy of the form for International Diploma Verification? Please and thank you so much! I would really appreciate it. Here’s my email. 

  4. Hello Rose ! Can you please send me  a copy of the International Diploma Verification Form? My email is

    Thank you.

  5. I have to retake/reapply for my exam in CA. I recently received a letter asking about the International Diploma Verification. Does anyone know the process for that? I finished my RN-BSN in the Philippines.

  6. Hi Rose . I am required too to submit this international verification form. Are you Able to provide one and was accepted ? 
    please share/guide me on what you did .

    where will I get the form ? Is it from school or from DFA ? My email is 


    thanks in advance 

  7. International Verification of Diploma

    Fill out the form then give it to school. Then form international verification of diploma
  8. International Verification of Diploma

    I call DFA and show them the form and they said the I have to get it in school first then they will going to verified or called Apostille. I’m done with that and forward it to California but last week when I call California they told me it’s not the ...
  9. International Verification of Diploma

    I have the form and I will send it to you. Do you know where to get it? Mine was forwarded to the school before the dept of foreign affairs to verify then send to cali but then when I call them the other day they told me nothing to do with the school...
  10. I reapply to retake NCLEX RN California and asking me for verification of my diploma coming from my school in the Philippines and must verified from department of foreign affair. I did all the requirements and send it back to California BON but I got...