World Cup Rugby

  1. OK who is interested in it

    Needless to say we Aussies are - l am going to watch it on TV mainly - My family are going to the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne on the 21st of June to watch the Wallabies Vs England

    (I wont be up to going by then - so will go out to a very quiet dinner with a friend- who has no interest in Rugby) PS my original interest in Rugby was only cause l married into it - then l noticed all these cute bottoms in the scrums !!

    So any way though l would see if any one would like to talk about the up coming world cup - cant say that at the moment we would be favourits - think that the NZ's may be though.

    Any thoughts out there
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  3. by   karenG
    I am interested in rugby - like you I married a rugby fan, well hes welsh..............what more is there to say!! But as a scot.......well I am hopeful and we nearly beat SA yesterday. so close.............

  4. by   renerian
    Ohio State University has a pretty good rugby team here in Ohio.
    I have never watched it though.

  5. by   mageean
    Ireland beat both the All Blacks and the Wallabies last year. I suspect the Wallabies will win this time but don't rule out the English.
  6. by   karenG
    why shouldnt I rule out the they have a rugby team????????????? we were so close to beating SA!!!

  7. by   Tookie
    Renerain - a few years ago a young US Rugby team came out on a tour of Aus- they played games in the major cities and some of the rural towns ie ours - we were asked to if we could put them up for a few days - they were both real sweeties and it was great to see these young boys so enthusiastic about rugby - Dont think they have made the final this year - but they will be there in the years to come - l gather it is becoming quite popular in some of the collages over there now - Beside which in Rugby as in Aussie rules they dont wear all that protective gear that your gridiron players wear - so when they do a scrum - the view can be very nice - that is if you are into 'cute backsides'

    Aanyway back to the important issue - keep talking Rugby
  8. by   Whisper
    Originally posted by karenG
    why shouldnt I rule out the they have a rugby team?????????????


    TREASON!!!! GET BACK ABOVE THE BORDER!!!! :zzzzz I am so shocked! the poor English boys, Now I will admit I would preffer it if they had white roses 'do they have a rugby team?That has to be some type of blasphmy

    That is as bad as my sister deciding to support Scotland!
  9. by   karenG
    :roll :roll

    nope - staying!!! someone has to civilise the english

    and there is nothing poor about the english boys!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. by   Whisper
    I know, bless their little cotton socks, and cute white shorts!
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  11. by   Tookie
    And those cute little cheeks (or muscles) in those cute little shorts -

    Roll on the cup
  12. by   kermit27
    Same here! but I do miss the lovely Jeremy Guscott (*sigh*).

    Watch him commentate is nothing like watching him run.....