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Hola :wavey: Como estan todos por ayi!!!! Just want to know if any latinas or latinos :nurse: around in this crowd???? If so, come on!!! Join the crowd! Let's share who we are and where we... Read More

  1. by   Faby
    Quote from VICTO3841
    Hi...are you still posting here.....I am from Uruguay and i would like to get in contact with you, i was trying to private e mail you but i can't.

    Thank you,

    Hio; I'm writting in english because the policy of the site requires me to. I'm in NJ since 2005. you can send me a private message if you have an email. Don't worry this site is secure, you can give your info, so I'm waitin g for your email
  2. by   latinanurse4
    Is this posting closed? Anyhow....Hola everybody Im am proud to say Im am 23 yrs old from the beautiful country of Panama! I came here at the age of 5 so my family and I are 1st generation immigrants...I have not met a single panamania nurse out there so if any of you see this message id be glad to meet you...Oh and by the way I live in Las Vegas!